William Jack “Duke” Harlow, Sr., 88, US Navy/LEO veteran, Pontotoc, TX, 28 Jan 2023

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    Confirmed Mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the funeral service for Mr. William Jack “Duke” Harlow, Sr.  Mr. Harlow served in the US Navy from 1954 – 1958. He became a San Antonio police officer in 1959.

    More about his life can be read here: https://www.porterloring.com/obituaries/William-Jack-Duke-Harlow?obId=26952678

    Date/Time: Saturday, 28 January 2023.  See timeline below

    Location: Pontotoc Community Center – 17657 College St., Pontotoc, TX 76869. This little town is about 25 minutes NW of Llano.  A nice ride from Austin metro.

    map link: https://goo.gl/maps/9Asw9K9WLSYPCjr38

    1:30 – 2:00 pm – Staging
    2:00 pm – Briefing
    2:15 pm – flag line at the direction of the ride captain in advance of the procession arrival from San Antonio

    Wx: Overcast. High 67F.  Slight chance of a rain shower.

    Notes: This is a flag line to receive the procession from San Antonio. Once friends and family have entered the community center we will strike the flag line and depart quietly.  A private interment will follow at the Pontotoc Cemetery.

    Ride Captain: Soup Campbell, robertsoupcampbell@yahoo.com, (512) 925-2104

    Flag Wrangler: Nicki Campbell

    Please attend to join with SAPGR in honoring this sailor’s service to our country.


    Mission complete. Five Austin PGR members stood the flag line during the arrival of the procession from San Antonio with the LEO escort and several members of the San Antonio PGR. Nicki arrived early and staked a few extra flags in anticipation of a small turn out due to there being 2 other missions. Tommy Goldenshoe, Scott and Maria Gray arrived a little early and assisted in organizing our small flag line. Tommy was the rider who came the farthest and was also the only bike rider today. It turned out to be a long day as the procession was delayed in San Antonio and was 2 hours late. Special thanks to San Antonio Deputy State Captain, Bob Johnson, for calling to give us a heads up regarding the late arrival.

    Duke”s son, Billy Jack, rode with the procession and carried his father’s remains on his Harley. Members of the family expressed their appreciation for our presence to honor their loved one.

    Thanks to the Austin and the San Antonio riders for staying and helping Nicki retrieve and stow the staked flags. This was especially appreciated because Soup was on crutches and was unable to help.

    R.S.(Soup) Campbell, Ride Captain

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