William “Bill” Alan Scott, 86, US Navy, National Guard veteran, Austin, TX, 21 AUG 2022

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    Confirmed mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the funeral service for William “Bill” Scott.  In 1953 Mr. Scott entered the National Guard where he served before joining the US Navy. He was in the Navy for four years, serving on two different aircraft carriers: The Coral Sea and the USS Ranger. He then rejoined the National Guard serving in the Military Police during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Mr. Scott is the father-in-law of Austin PGR Perry Koehn.

    More about his life can be read here: https://obituaries.neptunesociety.com/obituaries/austin-tx/william-scott-10880070

    Date/Time: Sunday, 21 August 2022.  Funeral service begins at 3 pm.

    Location: Church of Christ in Hyde Park, 310 W. 43rd Street, Austin, Texas 78751.  We will stage at the funeral home.
    Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/aQweuVQpif3ih44r5

    2:00 – 2:20 pm – Staging
    2:20 pm – Briefing
    2:30 pm – Flag Line

    Wx: High 95 deg, partly cloudy.

    Notes: Stay hydrated.  Be advised that a visitation is taking place prior to the funeral service. Friends and family will be arriving during our staging period. After the start of the service we will strike the flag line and depart quietly.

    Ride Captain: Soup Campbell, (512) 925-2104, robertsoupcampbell@yahoo.com
    Flag Wrangler: Nicki Campbell

    Please attend to honor the service of this veteran and fellow PGR family member.


    Today, 10 PGR members stood the flag line to honor William (Bill) Alan Scott. Mr. Scott is the father-in-law of Perry Koehn, a PGR member since 2007. Nicki arrived early to post flags prior to visitation. It was only 90 degrees but very humid. We welcomed a first time rider Terry Siems. The rider who rode the furthest to attend was Sammie Seahawk, who rode from Houston, AGAIN (a true road warrior). Mrs. Scott, Bill’s wife of 63 years walked the flag line with several family members to thank each for being there. Bill’s son Larry made it a point to shake each members hand and thank them for being there. Thanks to Nicki for bringing much appreciated water and putting up and taking down the flags. Thanks to all who attended and especially those who helped Nicki by picking up flags posted at both entrances to the church. A special thanks to Perry for meeting Nicki and Soup and providing them with info from the obituary, recommending the best place for the riders to park and going over the best place to post the flag line since there were 2 entrances to the church. He also, provided plates of cookies and brownies from the buffet in the church.
    RIP William Alan Scott. R.S. Campbell, Ride Captain

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