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    15 Sep – Updated timeline below.msng

    The family of Army SSG Kenneth (K.C.) Holden has invited the PGR to participate in a welcome home for his return from active duty deployment on Friday, Sept. 16th, 2011. SSG Holden is a Green Beret and has been in some very active parts of the fighting. He has stated to his family that when he gets off the plane in Austin, the first place he wants to go is Dos Salsas Cafe in Georgetown, TX to eat! We are working to make his wish come true.

    Date: Friday, 16 September 2011

    Staging Location: Southwest corner of University Ave (Hwy 29) and S. Main St, Georgetown, TX. There is a small convenience store on that corner which is closed for business. We will park on that paved parking lot. The Dos Salsas Cafe is across the street on the north west corner.
    Map link: tinyurl.com/Univ-MainGT

    10:10 am – 11:00 am staging
    11:00 am briefing
    Update: Flight arrival at ABIA in Austin expected at 11:05 am, so ETA for SSG Holden in Georgetown is noon – 12:15 pm. We can use the time to have some lunch at Dos Salsas.

    Wx: Predicted partly cloudy with a high of 99 deg.

    Notes: Please hydrate the night before and bring some water for you and a friend. The cafe is open and available for those of you who would like to eat prior to the family's arrival. You may also stay and eat after the arrival if desired. Once the family arrives and we welcome him home, they will go in to eat and our part will be complete.
    Keep in mind that there may be sudden changes to this itinerary due to airline schedules, maintenance, etc. Check the thread the day before and the morning of the mission.

    Please take the time to join in the welcome home for one of our heroes.

    Ride Captain: Sam Warren, 512-217-4191
    Flag Wrangler: Bob Binkley


    Thanks to everyone who attended the welcome home for SSgt K.C. Holden today in Georgetown. We had local riders, some from Marble Falls, New Braunfels and some from Corpus Christi. All together there were about 12-15 bikes and some cages.
    K.C.'s mom was very happy and proud of her son, as were we. She took some pictures and should be sending some to us for the website soon.
    Thanks to Bob for handling the flags and staging, and to Robert, Keith A., and Terry for the accompaniment from the airport to Georgetown. Andy had everything arranged at the airport as usual and all went well.
    Sgt. Justice and his men did an outstanding job getting us there safely. K.C.'s mom and wife broke into tears when they saw the units fall in with us and take the lead!
    After shaking hands with everyone, K.C. was last seen heading into Dos Salsas with a large smile on his face!



    Sam Recieved this from Gary Phipps STPGR



    I just got back to Corpus Christi. My riding partner had bike trouble and I was delayed getting home.

    I want to tell you how grateful I am for all your time and efforts that went into putting together Kens homecoming. It was a top notch welcoming and my family will be talking about it for years to come. You pulled out all the stops and everything went off without as much as a single flaw and I am most impressed with your PGR chapter. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to all who attended and let them know I'd be proud to stand any flag line with any of them.

    If ever you are in the Corpus area please give me a call. Its not the Hill Country but there is some pretty good riding here. The door is open.

    Thanks again to you and the AUSPGR for making Kens homecoming so very special.

    Gary Phipps
    STPGR rider


    Riders, I received this from K.C. Holden's Mom and Dad

    Hello once again…..I wanted to send a thank you for what you did for us on Friday. How do you put into words how touched we were by every single one of the Patriot Guard?? It is a moment we will never forget. Forever etched in my heart and you all will always be a part of my heart forever.
    I cannot explain how amazing it was to see you honor my son as you did. I consider him a hero and I cherish him with all my heart. You conveyed that emotion so perfectly on Friday and you do not even know him. It is a bond that runs so deep and is shared by every veteran. Other people don't get it. I witnessed it between you all and my son and I will always have that memory. Not everyone gets to be a part of this elite club. Soldiers get it….
    Every part of this weekend was perfect and it started with you all. Thank you for making his return so unbelievable. I was a little concerned he was going to be uncomfortable with all of it, but he connected to you all in a hurry. I loved it. I try to explain to people what it was like and I cannot put it into words. It was one of those "you had to be there". PLEASE thank each and everyone of the Patriot Guard who honored my son. Tell them that I am honored to have met them and they are soooo greatly appreciated. More than they really know. Thank you for the service you are doing for so many. I hope all of you realize how very important you are and how very much you are each needed. You are changing lives and honoring them. The most noble thing a person can do for another. GOD BLESS THE PATRIOT GUARD AND PROTECT YOU IN ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!!! wE ARE SO BLESSED TO KNOW YOU….Tim and Lynda David

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