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    This is Michael Binkley, Bob Binkley's son.

    “I wanted to thank you, and all the other Patriot Guard, who made the memorial service for my father so special. I was very impressed at the professionalism in how you operate and the honor you showed me and my family. My dad was very proud to have belonged to the Patriot Guard organization; and we were all proud of his service to our country and his service to the families through the Patriot Guard.

    My father was a man of few words (sometimes), but I could see the pride return to his life when he joined the Patriot Guard and we will be forever grateful for that. I was very touched and thankful that his friends in the Patriot Guard shared this moment with us, and it was nice to be able to put names and faces with the people I heard him talk about.

    The honor shown to my father and my family will always be remembered and appreciated.

    Please let my father's friends, and the other Patriot Guard riders, know that it was very special to us that they shared this moment with us.”

    Ride Safe
    Michael Binkley

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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