SSG Christopher Staats, 32, KIA, Fredericksburg, TX, 30 OCT 09

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    SSG Christopher Neil Staats, 32, of Fredericksburg, TX was Killed In Action on Friday, 16 Oct 09 in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 143rd Infantry Detachment, Austin, TX (Camp Mabry).

    This is a San Antonio PGR mission and we will be under their control in Fredericksburg.

    Date: Friday, 30 Oct 09

    Austin area Staging Location: Jim's Restaurant in SW Austin, located immediately west of the Y in Oak Hill, where 290 & 71 split. map link: Jim's is open 24 hrs in case you wish to arrive early and have breakfast.

    0630 staging
    0640 briefing
    0650 KSU

    WX: Mostly cloudy, 57F, wind N at 11mph, precipitation chance 40%.

    1. Please arrive at stagings hydrated, fueled, and fed. Bring water, dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared for any possible changes in the weather. This is a very early ride, please plan accordingly.

    2. No stops in route, approximately 1.5 hr ride to the Fredericksburg staging location.

    3. For those who want to go directly to the Fredericksburg staging site (Sutherland Lumber) the following is provided.
    -Staging at Sutherland Lumber (0830): 1511 E Main St

    Ride Captain: Keith Longacre, 512-751-8955

    Please help us honor this Active Duty Hero who gave his life for our freedoms.


    Ever have one of those days U debate with yourself about wheather to go on a mission? I kept getting this nudge that I needed to go. During the procession, I learned why God wanted me there. If small town America is any example of the health and patriotism of this country, than we R in very good shape. Hundreds & hundreds of people lined the streets & roads waving flags, saluting, hands on hearts, signs pictures, & even a local football jersey that I'm sure was the # of SSG Staats. Elementry schools, the High school, lots of businesses, EMS, Fire, utilities, even a nurshing home turned out. Yeah, I lost it when I saw the line of wheel chairs. The town wanted the family & others to know how much they cared.
    The group of 8 I took from Austin was awesome. We had a good ride up in the dark & cold. Folks came in from Centex, San Angelo, SA & even Houston.
    The only hickup was SA was late but it worked out. They didn't appear to have prior knowledge of where we were to park etc. Other than that, It was a tremendous mission.

    texas coyote

    Thank you for the Mission report. I missed this mission and my excuse for missing it is not really one that I am proud of, but nontheless I did not go. However, I do know the character of the Fredericksburg people well and I knew they would turn out in full force and support for "One of their own". That's Small Town, USA at it's best…..
    I'm glad all went well and everyone made the mission safely. As for SA being late…Well…I feel that if the mission is under your control…You should be early…not late…It sounds like they may have set their clocks back to CST a couple of weeks early….:(

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