Short Notice airport recovery, SGT Terrence Higgins, 27, US Army active duty, Austin, TX, 23 NOV 201

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    The family of SGT Terrence Higgins has requested the presence of the PGR at his return to central Texas. SGT Higgins was stationed at Ft Bliss and was killed in an automobile accident in El Paso last Tuesday, 15 November. SGT Higgins is from Killeen and served at least one tour in Afghanistan, 2009-2010. He leaves behind two sons and a daughter and was posthumously promoted to sergeant.

    Date/Time: Wednesday, 23 November 2011. Aircraft arrival scheduled for 1:05 pm.

    Location: Austin Bergstrom International Airport. SGT Higgins will be returned via an American Airlines flight.

    Austin staging: We will stage on the airport property, parking along the side of Spirit of Texas Drive where it dead ends. The address is 3400 Spirit of Texas Drive. Note that this is not where we have staged in the past. Please follow the ride captain's parking directions.

    Directions: From Hwy 71, take the airport cargo exit onto Spirit of Texas Drive and proceed to the end of the road. Map link:

    12:00 – 12:20 pm staging
    12:20 pm briefing, with movement to the tarmac to await flight arrival per ride captain direction.

    Wx: Clear, low 47, high 70 deg.

    Notes: This will be an honor line mission at the airport only. Please fly your bike flags if so equipped. SGT Higgins is being transported to Copperas Cove, and due to safety concerns on the heaviest travel day of the year, there will not be a LEO escorted procession.

    The PGR has been invited to participate in the funeral and interment services in Copperas Cove on Monday, 28 November. Please visit for mission details as they are worked out.

    Ride Captain: Andy Lough,, 512-441-9297

    Please make plans to honor the service of SGT Higgins and keep his family in your prayers as he arrives home for the last time.


    13 Riders and 2 cages braved the holiday traffic and made today's mission for Sergeant Terrence Higgins. Airside Ops and ABIA made things very easy for us, all got on the airfield- and it was a very tight squeeze between the American MD-80 and Southwest 737 on the ramp. Good job to all who made it- safety first!

    I met with the family and they were teary eyed as I thanked them for the invitation.

    In the spirit of the season, I am very thankful for the members of the Patriot Guard who I have been blessed to get to work with.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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