SFC Ronald Sawyer, 38, KIA, USArmy, Austin, TX, 05 SEP 2009

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    Updated 03 September

    Final Itinerary – SFC Ronald Sawyer, Funeral & Interment

    SFC Sawyer was killed in action by an IED in Afghanistan on 25 August. The Patriot Guard Riders are honored and humbled to have been invited to participate in his funeral and interment services.

    Date/Time: Saturday, 05 September 2009. Service scheduled to begin at 0900 hrs (9:00 am)

    Location: Heights Assembly of God, 3314 Burleson Road, Austin, TX. We will stage at the church.

    Directions: The church is located in South Austin. If traveling southbound on I35, exit at Oltorf St., turn left and head east on Oltorf a short distance to Burleson. Turn right (south), the church is approx. 1 mile on the right. Park in the NW area of the north parking lot. Map link: tinyurl.com/kruujt

    0800 – 0820 hrs staging at the church
    0820 briefing
    0825 flag line in place

    Wx: Partly cloudy, Lo 70, high 91, 30% chance of thunderstorms. Come hydrated and bring drinking water and a small non-perishable food ration, as it will be a long morning. Rain gear is recommended.

    Early Flag Line: The family and coach bearing SFC Sawyer will arrive at the church at approx. 0730 hrs. Riders who wish to arrive early to stand a flag line for this arrival please be at the church by 0700 (7:00 am)

    Procession: At the conclusion of the church service there will be a procession up to Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery (CTSVC) for the scheduled 1230 hrs interment service. Centex PGR will establish a flag line at CTSVC in advance of the arrival, at which point we are under the direction of the Centex ride captain. .

    This is a 75 mile ride, with no stops, on a route to be determined by law enforcement but likely to include SH130 toll road. Toll charges are the responsibility of the individual rider.

    Ride Captain: Juan Gonzales, JCGonz13@yahoo,com, 512-466-8968
    Asst RC: Russ Miller
    Flag Wranglers: Mark Brittain, Sam Warren

    Our Mission is to honor this fallen soldier and pay respects to his family. Stand tall and silent as we salute this American Hero.


    will be in austin on saturday,see yaw then.god bless this family


    Thanks to everyone who was able to make the airport recovery for SFC Sawyer this morning. Mark made our ramp presence more official and appropriate by diverting to the airport with the flags prior to making the mission in Lockhart……Thanks Mark.
    The family was not able to attend the arrival, so you were this hero's family for his arrival home.
    Well done…………….


    Here is a news article from Missouri regarding the loss of SFC Sawyer:


    Here also is the local Austin obituary:



    I would be honored to "Stand Tall" for this fallen hero! See you Saturday morning. May God bless and protect this family.


    Bill "Maddog" Presley of Centex PGR went to the City of Florence administration on Thursday to inform them of the procession bearing SFC Sawyer which will pass through their town on on its way to CTSVC on Saturday. Later that afternoon Mary "Marebear" Gregory, Centex DSC, received the following email from the Florence Chief of Police. He asked that we pass it on to SFC Sawyer's wife and family, which we will do, but it is posted here also, as he expresses so beautifully what is in our hearts.

    “To the wife and children of SFC Ronald Sawyer:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that there are no words that I can give you that will comfort you in this very difficult time. Please know that you, your family and all the friends of SFC Ronald Sawyer are in my prayers. I hold SFC Sawyer (and all of our military men and women) in the deepest regard. SFC Sawyer and all soldiers are our true Heroes, not sports figures, movie stars and music stars. Your husband has paid the ultimate sacrifice and this country owes him a debt of gratitude that we will unfortunately never be able to repay.

    On August 28th, my son, PFC Tyler Dever, graduated from Basic Combat Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. I have never been as proud of my son as I am now. He has never wanted to be anything but a soldier. He too will be paying his last respects to your husband as you pass through Florence.

    May God Bless you, keep you safe and comfort you during your time of loss. As SFC Sawyer passes through the City of Florence, I am happy to honor him on this saddest of occasions. My condolences and Hooah.

    In service to all,

    Chief Jeff Dever
    Florence PD


    Great turnout today for SFC Sawyer and his family. Hard to say exactly how many with the two flag lines and arrivals/departures, but Id say 60 grateful patriots is not too far off. Nice little rain shower during the break to rinse the drought dust off the scooters, too.

    Thank you all for spending the better part of your Saturday to honor
    SFC Sawyer's sacrifice and support his family and friends at this tragic time. A wonderful effort and execution by all involved, including the many folks who lined the route past Sun City and through Florence. That display must have brought some comfort to this grieving family, and blurred vision to our eyes.

    May the Lord grant SFC Sawyer his well earned rest and bring peace and comfort to those he left behind.

    texas coyote

    I want to "Ditto" Marks Post…A great turnout today For SFC Sawyer and his Family at both ends of the Mission. Juan and Russ had it all together in Austin while Mary, Ron and Bill took care of the CenTex portion. Great to see David Hall and his "Liberty Bell" there. That man is a Saint in my books. God bless him and what he does….
    The moisture from the rain on my faceshield finally cleared up about the time we got on the Toll road…But guess what….Starting from the IH35\195 intersection most of the moisture and blured vision came from inside the faceshield….America and it's "True" Americans trully are Beautiful. Thank You to everyone involved in SFC Sawyers final trip home today. Either in Body or Spirit…You did the right thing.


    It would be great if we never had to do another mission but the truth is as long as there are "Fool Dictators" out there, there will be War and thus casualties! This being said, it is a great thing that we have such a fine group of Patriots out there that Honor the fallen and send them to their final resting place with Honor and Pride. Yes, we do shed tears but not just of sorrow. These are also "Tears of Pride!" God Bless you all for what you do!


    Hey all,

    The escort for SFC Sawyer last Saturday was my second PGR mission. It was a moving experience for me, and later on I heard some long-time riders say it was for them too. Good to know it wasn't just me.

    I was almost Tail End Charlie on this mission, driving my cage near the end of the column. I had my camera along, and with my left hand on the wheel, with my right hand did spray-and-pray exposures (just snap 'em off and see what you get). Out of 28 shots I got 11 usable ones, and even then some are pretty crude as far as good picture standards go, but still they capture an unforgettable journey for me. I posted them here.


    Very glad to be a part of this group and to be of service to our fallen heroes and their families.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Silver , for the pics. You did well. I have a lot of still pics that I took of the group but didn't take the chance riding the bike and clicking. Also, glad to have you as a member of our great group of Patriots. You won't find any better.
    Thanks again! See you at the next mission.


    Thanks, Michael. Look forward to meeting you in person.



    Great shots, Silver, thanks for posting that link. And especially thanks for being there for SFC Sawyer and his family.


    Thanks, Mark. It's an honor to be part of PGR and to be of service this way.

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