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    Confirmed Mission, Senior Police Officer Jaime Padron, Austin Police Dept.
    The family of Senior Police Officer Padron has requested the participation of the PGR in his funeral service. Officer Padron died in the line of duty while responding to a call. He also served his country with the United States Marine Corp.

    Date/Time: Wednesday, April 11th 2012, at 11am

    Location: Shoreline Church, 15201 Burnet Rd, Austin, Tx
    Directions: From the intersection of Wells Branch Parkway & Burnet Rd (FM 1325), go north on Burnet to Shoreline Dr. Turn east on Shoreline Dr. for about one block and enter the parking lot on the right in one of the first two driveways as indicated by the Officers there to assist everyone in getting to the correct parking area.,+Austin,+TX&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=33.160552,74.355469&oq=15201+Burnet+&hnear=15201+Burnet+Rd,+Austin,+Texas+78728&t=m&z=16

    9:30am – 10:10am Staging
    10:10am Briefing
    10:20am Flag Line for family and officer arrivals
    Second Flag Line – during outside portion to render honors

    Wx: Partly cloudy, low 63 and high 83 deg (KVUE Wx)
    Notes: Please arrive fed and hydrated. Bring a bottle of water for yourself and one for a friend. This will be a service only, and we will not be participating in a procession. Shade is very sparse, consider using sun block and a hat. We will be forming a flag line at two different times for this service.
    Ride Captain: Sam Warren 512-217-419
    Asst. Ride Captain: Robert Stancil

    Flag Wrangler: Sam Warren

    Please make plans to honor this man who gave his all, while protecting all of us.


    I am new to this group. I would like to participate in tomorrow's event and future events moving forward. I will see you all tomorrow on behalf of officer Padron. Semper fi.


    Thanks to everyone who made it to this service and stood tall and silent for Senior Police Officer Jaime Padron and his family. You did not complain when the service was unable to begin on time because of the traffic backed up for 5 miles down Burnet Rd (FM 1325). You did not complain that we were in the sun. You did not complain when the honors ceremony outside took about an hour. You did not complain that it was going to take a while for the parking lot to clear out so that we could go home, after all officers were given 45 min to freshen up and get ready for the long procession and escort to San Angelo, Tx.

    At the briefing I told you that your presence there today could result in you being accused of supporting our police officers for what they do to keep us safe, including making the ultimate sacrifice. Also that you could be accused of being a patriot, supporting our military troops where ever they are, and doing these things all because it is the right thing to do.
    It is my opinion that all of you were guilty of these accusations, and I was very proud to stand with you! You have my upmost respect.

    Overall we had about 40-50 bikes there, including some of the Blue Knights LEMC. We had 3 first mission folks, and some retired police officers. Thanks to all the other RC's who helped in walking the lines to keep folks hydrated and helped with the flags. We lost no one to heat exhaustion this day.
    Officers came out to thank us and shake hands.

    Hope all made it home without incident, and did not get in too much of that IH 35 traffic.



    Thank you for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes to make it possible for us to honor this fallen hero. it was a privlege to stand with each and everyone.


    As a former LEO I expected police support but was overawed by the amount of community support shown Sr. Officer Padron, especially that of the Patriot Guardians. Thank you.


    It was such an honor to stand with all of you in a flag line. It renews my faith in us as a people to be able to put our differences aside and stand together in respect of a fallen hero. I stand for my brother who is a veteran of DPS with 24 years in and works the border. Thank You all for you service.
    Ray Wylie


    Riders – Officer Robert Clawson, #5897 Austin Police Dept, thanks you for honoring Senior Officer Padron yesterday and asked me to post his email. You touch more families than you know.


    It was good seeing you yesterday as well. And it is not you who should be thanking me for stopping to say hello to the PGR, it is I who owe all of you the thanks.

    You know, I have stood those lines of flags many times and understood the meaning. Yesterday… seeing you all out there holding those flags for my fallen fellow officer and his family… I felt it. It is different being on this side of the flag line. Yesterday I more than understood it… I felt it deep down and it feels good. Like a big, warm, comforting embrace.

    I walked the entire line of flags and thanked many of you that stood there w/ us. Not sure how I missed seeing you until the parking lot. I mean, I know but… I was busy talking w/ fellow officers I haven't seen you in quite some time and obviously we missed each other until I was walking to my truck and saw the IN COUNTRY colors. Had to stop and say hey.

    Could you do me a favor sir? If you have any contact at all with any, or all of the men and women of the PGR who stood that line yesterday, could you please pass on a very deep, heart-felt thank you from me to them. The turn out was unbelievable and the PGR made me very proud. I am glad to know some of you guys. Thanks again.

    Oh, and Too Tall said that you may be feeling a little bad because you didn't recognize me… It is ok brother. I didn't expect you to recognize me in my dress uniform. A Badge, hat, tie, shiny shoes and a gun belt are a far cry from jeans, chaps, colors and a skullcap. I clean up pretty good when I have to. I only said that you didn't know whom you were talking to because I wanted to see the look on your face. It was priceless by the way.

    Again sir from the bottom of my and my department’s heart thanks you and all of the PGR that stood there yesterday. Please pass on our thanks. You all made the healing process a little easier.

    Very Respectfully,

    Rob Clawson, #5897
    Austin Police Dept

    AKA "Swede", US Veterans MC

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