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    San Antonio Confirmed Mission
    Cpl. Ferrell Gilliam Active Duty USMC

    The Patriot Guard has been invited by the family to assist with the escort of Cpl. Ferrell Gilliam on Friday (Jan 17) at 10:00am. Cpl. Gilliam is a Marine that was injured (double amputee) last year while serving in Afghanistan, who passed away at B.A.M.C last week. This mission will involve the PGR escorting Cpl. Gilliam from Olinger Funeral Home to San Antonio International Airport (LEO escort in place), where an honor line will be formed as Cpl. Gilliam is moved to the loading area, where he will fly home to be laid to rest in California. California PGR will be present to receive Cpl. Gilliam. If available, please try to attend to honor one of our Fallen Heroes and help support the family during their loss. Thank you.

    Date: Friday, 17 Jan

    Staging: 09:00

    Briefing: 09:20

    Staging Location:
    CVS Pharmacy
    (Parking Area Behind Building)
    103 SW Military Dr.
    San Antonio, Tx
    Map Link – goo.gl/maps/D3KxS

    Low 38* / High 66*
    Please come prepared for changes in the weather

    Ride Captain:
    Paula Johnson

    Any questions regarding this mission, please contact XtremeVFR@satx.rr.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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