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    Staging Updated 9-30-10

    The Patriot Guard has been invited by Wishes 4 Warriors to help with seeing off Martin Martinez (USMC), as he goes on his Last Wish Request. This will take place this Friday morning (Oct 01) at 05:30am, at the San Antonio International Airport. We are hoping to have a flag line outside of terminal 2 for his arrival at the airport, but if not, an honor line will be formed. At this time, I am still working with the airport on what they will allow us to do and where, but wanted to give y'all a heads up on this. I will follow-up this e-mail tomorrow evening with exact staging location and final itinerary.

    A little information about Martin and how the PGR is involved with this request. The following comes from Barbara Kirk at Wishes 4 Warriors… "Martin Martinez is a disabled Desert Storm Veteran that is currently terminally ill with 2 brain tumors, as well as stomach and colon cancer. He verbalized his last wish to me and through pulling resources together and donations we have been able to help him realize his desire to travel to the Smoky Mountains 'to breathe it in just one last time'". Tennessee PGR will be in place on their end for Martin's arrival and are taking care of many of the hosting tasks. There are also active duty Marines coming in from North Carolina to spend some time with Martin and take him fishing, which is also part of his last request. For those that did not see it, KSAT did a story about Martin and his wish on Sept 23… http://www.ksat.com/news/25136689/detail.html

    I realize that this will be early in the morning and a weekday, but if you are available, please try to attend and help let this Marine know that he is not alone as his time winds down. Thank you.

    Date: Friday, 01 Oct 2010

    Staging – 05:00am w/Briefing at 05:20am
    San Antonio International Airport
    9800 Airport Blvd.
    San Antonio, Tx

    Mid to upper 60's at mission time

    Ride Captain
    Charles Rathgeber
    (830) 822 – 8487

    Asst. Ride Captain / Flag Truck
    Clayton Smith – ALR Post 593

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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