Robert L. Ligon, Jr, 65, USANG veteran, PGR, Austin, TX, 31 MAR 2022

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    Confirmed Mission: The family of Robert L. Ligon, Jr., has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to participate in his memorial service.  Mr. Ligon served in the US Army National Guard from 1977 to 1983 and was a parachute rigger and jumpmaster.  He also rode missions with the Austin area PGR.

    More about his life can be read here when published:

    Date/Time: Thursday, 31 March 2022.  Funeral service begins at 2 pm.

    Location: Cook-Walden Funeral Home, 6100 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752.   We will stage at the funeral home.

    map link:

    1:00 – 1:20 pm – Staging
    1:20 pm – Briefing
    1:30 pm – Flag line

    Wx: High 78 deg F, sunny

    Notes: Bring a bottle of water for yourself and one for a friend.  After the start of the funeral service we will strike the flag line and depart quietly.

    Ride Captain: Soup Campbell,, (512) 925-2104

    Flag Wrangler: Nicki Campbell

    Please attend to honor this fellow rider & soldier’s service to our country.


    Eight riders participated in the flag line for this event. Nicki had the flags posted well prior to anyone arriving for the service. Sgt. Ligon was a dedicated motorcycle rider who had ridden with the PGR. At the request of the family, his ridding buddy Robin rode his motorcycle to the service and it was moved inside the chapel until the start of the service. When the service started it was moved outside under the portal and 2 of our bikes were parked behind it to facilitate what the funeral director called the “ride-off.” The family had requested that some PGR riders accompany Robin as he returned the bike to its home at Robert’s house in Round Rock. Because it was approaching rush hour and there was no LEO, we limited the riders participating in the ride home to 2. There was a brief ceremony outside the funeral home after the main part of the funeral ended. Doves were released (freed),a Bagpiper played TAPS, AMAZING GRACE and a couple of other songs. All attention was then focused on the motorcycles as they were reve’d up and Sgt. Ligon’s motorcycle departed on its last ride escorted by Soup & Jimmy. The family and Robin expressed sincere appreciation for our attendance and participation. Thanks to everyone who came and stood for this veteran and special thanks to Jimmy for staying until the service was over and making the “ride off” requested by the family a meaningful moment for them. RIP Sgt. Ligon.
    Soup Campbell, Ride Captain

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