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    PFC. John David Jagger,82, US ARMY

    The family of John Jagger has requested the presence and participation of the Patriot Guard Riders at the Memorial Service of their Loved One.

    Date: Saturday, July 13th 2013

    Staging Time: 9:45-10:15AM

    Staging Location: Austin Baptist Church,7016 Ribelin Ranch Rd., Austin,Tx.

    Directions: From RR620 & 2222 go East 1.9 miles,to Ribelin Ranch Rd. turn left. From Loop 360 & 2222 go West 3.7 miles to Ribelin Ranch Rd. turn right.

    Briefing: 10:20AM

    Flagline Establishment: 1025 +/- Once the service has begun, we will strike the flagline and depart.

    WX: Sunny, with a high/low of 100+/75.


    1. Arrive at staging ON TIME.

    2. Hydrate well the night before, bring water for yourself and a buddy and dress with consideration of the weather conditions.

    Ride Captain: Keith Longacre,b512-751-8955

    Flag Wrangler: Keith Longacre

    Please join us in honoring this US ARMY Veteran for his selfless service to our Great Nation


    On behalf of John's wife, Mija Lee, Mario and I, request that friends and the Patriot Guard Riders participate in the "Celebration of Life" memorial service with military honors for our dear friend and neighbor, John David Jagger, Pfc, US Army, Hq 44th Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Washington. Although John never saw combat, he served during the Korean War. Once he completed 2 years of active duty, John transferred to serve 6 years in the Army Reserve. The service will be held 11:00 AM Saturday, July 13, 2013 at:

    Austin Baptist Church
    7016 Ribelin Ranch Drive
    Austin, Texas 78750

    In the words of Gary Jackson, President, Monumental "John David Jagger [was] one of the most innovative, prolific sculptors of our time."

    John was a talented and sweet man which we love dearly. On May 15, 2013 he was diagnosed with Myeloma; he passed away three weeks later, June 6, 2013 (D-Day). John's wife, Mija requests that those who ride attend his memorial service on bikes and wear colorful clothes: "John loved motorcycles. John hated black, because he was an artist." John wrote his autobiography, "Sculptor: A FOCUS ON ART YOU WON'T LEARN IN SCHOOL", which has new meaning as I read it a second time, now that he is gone.

    We are hoping for a large turnout of friends on this day, to celebrate the life of a very dear friend and world renowned artist named John David Jagger. In addition to a flag line, the family, Mario and I would like to invite the Patriot Guard Rider's and our friends to join us during the one hour service in remembering John with a reception following in The Great Hall at which time they will be showcasing some of his work ( – completed 2007).

    Thank you, and God Bless!
    Sarah & Mario


    Thank you to the 30 patriots that showed up today in the heat. Special Thanks to Sarah & Mario for bringing extra riders. Thanks also to Ana for the water & help passing it out.
    Mrs Jagger came out & expressed her deep appreciation for our being there to show support, respect & honor. I keep telling all of you, YOU REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Semper Fi,


    Today [13 Jul 13] turned out to be an amazing day. We set out from our little cove with 17 bikes in a precession down 183 to 620 to 2222 and onto Ribelin Drive to Austin Baptist Church where we were met by another 8 to 10 PGR members. A big THANK YOU to all of our friends for joining us in honoring our dear friend and neighbor, John D. Jagger. His wife Mija knew we were coming, but she never dreamed of this much love and support. We managed to stay together through all the traffic lights and ride into the church together. . . . You all stood tall and several of you were able to stay for the service. A special Thank You to Keith Longacre as the AUS-PGR ride captain and flag wrangler AND to Ron and Ana Maria Oliver for providing and distributing the ice cold water for everyone.


    Below is an email I received from Mija Lee after a very warm phone call to me expressing how so very graphful she was at our being there, standing tall with respect & honor, for John & her. She wanted me to make sure I let you all know.
    She is speaking of the PGR when she says Texas Honor Riders. She wanted info on THR for donation purposes.

    Even though she came out to thank us at the memorial, she was so filled with emotion after his death, that she felt she wanted to tell everyone now, how much she was moved by our being there.

    Once again, an example of just how important you patriots are. God bless you each & everyone.


    From: Mija Lee Dear Mr. Longacre,

    Thank you so much for making John Jagger's memorial service a truly special service. It was an honor for us to witness the impressive Flag Line and also to experience the Flag presentation. Thoughtfulness may come naturally to Texas Honor Riders, (PGR) but it really means the world to me.

    If you have time, would you watch John's DVD on the YouTube? One of his friend put his DVD (24min long) on the YouTube two weeks ago. Google, YouTube, and type "John Jagger remembered". Please give my kindest regards to all your riders!

    God bless Texas Honor Riders, (edited to PGR ) by keith
    P.S. John (82) was the well known fine art sculptor.

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