MSG Jesse Campos, 72, Texas Army National Guard (Ret), Hutto, TX, 18 Aug 2017

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    Confirmed Mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the funeral and burial service for Master Sergeant Jesse Campos. MSG Campos served 42 years in the Texas Army National Guard and was deployed to Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Information about MSG Campos's life can be found here:

    Date/Time: Friday, 18 August 2017. Funeral service scheduled for 10:00 am.

    Location: St. Patrick Catholic Church, 2500 Limmer Loop, Hutto, TX 78634. We will stage at the church.
    Map link:

    8:50 am – 9:20 am – Staging
    9:20 am – Briefing
    9:30 am – Flag line

    Wx: Hi 100 deg, partly cloudy

    Notes: Stay hydrated! Bring two bottles of water for yourself and one for a friend. After the start of the funeral service we will strike the flag line and standby to join the law enforcement escorted procession to the nearby Santa Maria Cemetery in Hutto, where we will form a second flag line for the burial ceremony.

    Ride Captain: Keith Brown,, (512) 422-6310
    Flag Wrangler: Don Ferguson

    Please attend to show honor and gratitude for this veteran's long and loyal service to our nation.


    15 Patriot Guard Riders attended the service of Jesse Campos. The church was kind enough to provide a room for us to get out of the heat. After the service the group made a short ride to the gravesite. We had a few incidents getting into the cemetery due to the road but we all help each other out with no injuries or damage. It was very hot with no shade or breeze to speak of. We broke the flag line a little quicker than we normally may have in the past to find the much needed shade. We found this to be a good spot to talk to the family and friends of Mr. Campos. The family invited us to join them for food and fellowship back at the church with several of the members taking them up on the offer. Thanks to all that participated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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