MIchael T. Poynor, 78, US Army veteran, Bluffton, TX, 18 OCT 2021

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    Confirmed Mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the interment service for Mr. Michael Thomas Poynor.  Mr Poynor served in the US Army.  He is a Vietnam veteran and was discharged as a major.

    More about his life can be read here: https://www.waxahachiesun.com/obituaries/michael-mike-thomas-poynor-1943-2021/article_1255a15e-2dbe-11ec-9982-077313b8c297.html

    Date/Time: Monday, 18 October 2021.  Cemetery service begins at 2 pm.

    Location: Bluffton Cemetery, Bluffton TX.  The cemetery is located on FM 2241, about 11 minutes NE of the center of Lllano.  We will post flags at the entrance.

    map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Dwvsu89UhRoS38ABA

    1:00 – 1:30 pm – Staging
    1:30 pm – Briefing
    Flag line at the direction of the ride captain.

    Wx: Partly cloudy. High around 77 F.

    Notes: This mission is a flag line for the duration of the interment service.

    Ride Captain: Soup Campbell, robertsoupcampbell@yahoo.com, (512) 925-2104
    Flag Wrangler: Nicki Campbell

    Please attend to honor this soldier’s service to our nation.


    It was a beautiful day in the country as 5 PGR members were joined by 2 guests from out of state to make a total of 7 in the flag line. As usual, Nicki was on top of it, arriving early and staking flags at the entrance to the cemetery and at the point where the casket was unloaded. We provided 3 pallbearers to assist with the unloading and placement of the casket. The Bluffton Cemetery board president was there to assist with our planning for the ceremony. Both before and after the service, family members including the widow assisted by her daughter, made the effort to walk the flag line and personally thank each member for our participation. Thanks to Warren, Dave and Steve for making the effort to get to this service. Debrief was minimal and included presenting our out of state guest participants with a PGR MISSION ACCOMPLISHED pin.
    Soup Campbell, Ride Captain.

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