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    I would like to extend my appreciation, admiration and deeply felt “Thank You” to those members of the AUSPGR region who unselfishly turned out to honor my brother-in-law, Tom Roznowski, on January 30th in the worst winter weather storm that I have seen in a while. Patti was a real die-hard. I’m not sure how far she rode her Can-Am but if it was a block, it was too far. Their commitment to honor yet another veteran of who they knew in name only makes me proud to be a member of the Patriot Guard Riders and I was honored to stand the Flag Line with them. I am now one who sees what you do and how profoundly it impacts the family when they drive up and see all of the American flags flying and the men and women standing in honor of their loved one. Please pass along my heartfelt “thanks” to those that were there and to those who wanted to attend.

    Jeffrey Wike
    North Texas Deputy State Captain
    Patriot Guard Riders


    From the family of LtCol Martin Dourte.

    Dear Sir,
    There aren’t enough words nor could we thank you enough. I must say it was the best part of the day! What a glorious sight to see the flying flags lining the driveway. You all bring such a meaningful presence and even though we don’t “know” each other, the essence of a deep bond filled my heart. You give validation and the utmost respect to the lives served.
    On behalf of my family and all the other families you so selflessly serve, Thank You and safe riding.


    From Mr. Wayne Esping’s daughter:

    “Thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders and Beth Borkosky for organizing the Honor Guard/Patriot Riders for our Pop’s services. It was beautiful, amazing and touching. He would have pulled over and saluted if he had seen the motorcade of over 50 riders paying tribute to a veteran. There are not enough words of thanks. Our mom was blown away when she arrived to church and saw them all with their flags, standing at attention and saluting him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


    From the Monty Gage family:

    Dear Patriot Guard,

    Your kindness and sympathy are more deeply appreciated than any words of thanks can express. Your presence at Monty’s memorial was so very special.

    Frances Gage


    From the family of Horace B. Hamilton, Jr.

    TO: The Honorable Mark Wells – Austin Regional Deputy State Captain, Patriot Guard

    The Family of Horace B. Hamilton, Jr. wishes to thank you so much for the generous respect and honor you gave to my father at his funeral and burial ceremony. Your incredible show of respect was absolutely awe-inspiring, and it took our breath away! Overcoming the rainy weather, seeing your procession entering the cemetery, and attending Dad’s graveside service and “Standing For Those Who Stood For Us”, is an image that cannot ever be forgotten. My words of thank you cannot convey how greatly we appreciate it.

    We published a public thank you to everyone who honored him, in the local Caldwell newspaper. Attached is an enlarged copy.

    With heartfelt gratitude to you, the Ride Captains, Gary Mayers, Lance Owen, Keith Longacre, Patty Hutto, Thomas Miller, Ray Hughes and the entire Organization. You are all awesome patriots and heroes!

    Brenda H. Terry
    Daughter Of
    Horace B. Hamilton, Jr.


    From the family of CMSgt William Larrimer:
    Will you please pass along my most sincere Thank you for their service at Bill’s funeral. I have enclosed a small donation for your Patriot Guard. I am sure you will know how to put it to good use.

    The men riding that day:
    Don, PGR, Army
    Keith, USMC
    Warren, USAF

    Thank you,

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