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    From David Roden 01-21-2014

    From: "RODENATTEXOMA@aol.com" <RODENATTEXOMA@aol.com>
    To: keithlongacre@att.net
    Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 5:16 PM
    Subject: Roger Bales Mission

    “Keith, all I can say is You guys here in this part of Texas did a Very nice Job on your Mission today. I not only felt Honored to Ride with your Group of Members but felt very Proud to have been included.
    The entire Bales Family wanted me to let you know how much they appreciated All of the Riders that attended todays services.
    I hope to Ride with ya'll again one day and want to extend that Any PGR Member from your Group that ever need anything while in Southern Oklahoma, I am at their Service, Be it Rest, broke down….Or just to stop for a cold one.
    Thank You Sir!!”

    David Roden
    South East Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders
    580-564-0583 24/7
    Please feel free to share this in your group


    From Linda Rudd 01-21-2014

    From: Linda <adnil@flash.net>
    To: "President@PatriotGuard.org" <President@PatriotGuard.org>
    Cc: "VPCaptains@PatriotGuard.org" <VPCaptains@PatriotGuard.org>; "VPMembers@PatriotGuard.org" <VPMembers@PatriotGuard.org>
    Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 6:52 PM
    Subject: Patriot Guard Riders/Central Texas

    “I wasn't sure who to send this to. Please pass along my email, if there is a more appropriate contact.

    Today was the funeral of a very wonderful man – and my cousin, Roger Randy Bales, in Kyle, TX. As he was ex-military, a group of Patriot Guard Riders led the procession and then stood by with flags around us at the grave site.

    I knew they were going to be involved in Randy's funeral. And I've heard about the PGR through the years – and have seen videos of what takes place. But seeing it in person was beyond words. And knowing that my sweet cousin got such respect and honor from these incredible people means more than I can even say. Your presence there was so, so appreciated and really made such an impact on all of us.

    I wasn't able to go down the line and shake each of their hands, but I wanted to. My Mom did. And, as she thanked each one for coming, they all responded with "It was my honor to do so." Many of them said that Randy was their best friend. The fact that all of them considered being there an honor to them and something that they wanted to do makes me tear up even now. What a wonderful, incredible group of people you are.

    I know Randy really wanted the PGR to be present at his funeral. And I know it means so much to all of the family that you were. He got the kind of funeral he deserved. He served us – and now he was getting the respect for it.

    A "thank you" really isn't enough for all you did today. Know that your coming today really made a difference and was very much appreciated by all of us. You truly are wonderful, loving people to do that for the families and for the veterans themselves.”

    Linda Rudd


    From the family of Bob Bales US Army SFC Retired 1973-1994

    “I want to thank everyone that expressed condolences and participated in my brothers funeral in San Marcos. The sight and sound of 20 plus motorcycles pulling up in front of the funeral home gave his wife, children and grandchildren a feeling of pride knowing that Roger was being taken home by his fellow veterans. The sight of the procession traveling on I-35 with the police shutting down all lanes so no traffic was anywhere around and the procession through the small town in Kyle where he was buried was a sight to see. Roger was a private man, never talked much about his service or what he did to help fellow vets but shortly before he passed he told me he did not want to sneak out of town and be buried. With the help of the Austin and San Antonio PGR and others that traveled from as far away as Oklahoma Roger did anything but sneak out of town. From my entire family to the entire PGR family I say thank you.”


    Sent 1, July 2014
    My daughter sent this, just a note to let everyone know how meaningful the small things can be.

    “Hi Dad-

    We are safely back in Fort Myers. The funeral at Barrancas for Kenny (Garrison) was quite moving. The Patriot Guard Riders in attendance were so nice and extremely helpful. Duane rode Kenny's Harley to the funeral with Kenny's remains and his widow, Wendy, on the back. Mr. Tellis and all of the PGR riders took charge and got all of us through this very emotional and sad event. Their presence was extremely impressive and their respect and honor for Kenny was just overwhelmingly wonderful.

    Kenny and Wendy have only lived in Pensacola since October so not knowing many people there yet but still having such an honorable service was just outstanding. We really can't thank the PGR enough for their participation.

    After the services finished, one of the PGR guys (didn't get his name) presented Duane (and Wendy) with a pin for their first PGR ride. Duane was also presented with another pin that has a star in the center with the PGR emblem. That was so special. So special to Duane that he is interested in joining PGR missions in Fort Myers. If you know a contact here in FM please let me know, but I can look on the website too.

    I just wanted you to know how very special the PGR made this event and how their presence will stick in our minds forever. Thanks again for helping me get this arranged.”

    Shannon and Duane


    “Mr. Warren, I would like to thank you & Mr. Ayers for helping us honor my grandfather today. You & your team made his service very special. I can't thank you enough, we appreciate all that you guys do.”

    Forever Grateful
    The Aguilar Family


    Received this email concerning the service for Mr. W.L. Miller on Oct 28th, 2014. Ride Captain was Keith Longacre.

    “Sam – Our family was so honored to have the Patriot Guard group attend our Dad (CMSGT W.L. Miller)'s service in Austin and also the one in East Texas. He would have been so proud and it added so much dignity and reverence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

    Thanks again,
    Debbie Bates

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