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    From Ron and Peggy Garza 01-24-13

    “Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the Patriot Guard's participation in our loved one's services yesterday. It was dignified, beautiful, and touching. We know that Uncle Dickie is so proud of your gift to him. God bless you all.”

    Peggy and Ron


    ~Please share this with everyone you know who was involved with the PGR this past week in Texas~

    “I am SO PROUD of the Members of the Patriot Guard Riders around the Republic of Texas, as well as every MC and Independent Rider who joined us for their patience, understanding and perseverance during the missions this past week and the missions that are still to be accomplished. You've made sure every Fallen First Responder is honored properly in West, TX; while remaining vigilant to honor the rest of our Fallen in the CenTex Area. Without each and every one of YOU, we (the CenTex PGR Leadership) could have accomplished NOTHING for the families and friends of the Fallen throughout our areas of responsibility. I am truly humbled by your dedication.

    To the Texas PGR Leadership: You guys and gals are a Godsend. When we (CenTex) thought our heads were going to explode initially, you reached out and helped us with logistical, Ride Captain, Member and moral support. There were times we had no clue where something was going to come from and you came through for us… Texas ROCKS!

    To my CenTex Leadership, including those who came out of retirement to help: You guys have gone above and beyond in your efforts to ensure that not only are the Fallen honored properly and respectfully; you have ensured that all of our Members are given professional direction, kept safe and cared for their well-being throughout.

    Thank you ALL from the depths of my heart. God Bless CenTex, God Bless Texas!”

    Mary "Marebear" Gregory
    Deputy State Captain, CenTex
    Patriot Guard Riders


    From Ltc. Mike Dye Commander, Austin Army Aviation Support Facility, Austin Tx. 06-16=13

    We received a note of thanks from Ltc. Mike Dye, Commander of the Austin Army Aviation Support Facility in Austin. He sent this by text.

    “"Thanks for what you guys do. It is always awesome to see the caring and support that you all provide.

    Once again, you made a difference.”


    From the Family of Phillip M. Anderson 11-12-2013

    “The family of Philip M. Anderson would like to offer our sincere gratitude for the participation of the Patriot Guard at his Life Celebration Service. He served his Country, his neighbors, and all who knew him with generosity and we were so proud and pleased to have you there to serve in honoring him at this time.”

    With Respect and Appreciation for your Service,
    The Family of Philip M. Anderson

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