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    From Jim Rudd, Ref. John Stanford, 72, US Navy veteran, Cedar Park, TX 1/16/2012

    This note from PGR member Jim Rudd in Taylor, who originally put the family in touch with the PGR.

    “I spoke to my friend Judie (John’s sister), and she wanted me to let everyone know how impressed the family was by the presence of the PGR. They haven’t stopped talking about the wonderful PGR members that were there for this service.”


    An Email to Terry Ayers (RC for this Mission) From Laurens Fish 1/26/2012

    It was great to meet you today and thank you so much for what you have done for our county and what you do today with the Patriot Guard. The family of Jerry Lindauer was so pleased to have you all there and it meant so much to them. Please pass along my thanks to all the team members present. It is such an honor to have you all present at services.”

    With great appreciation,
    Laurens Fish III
    Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Homes


    An Email to Charles Rathgeber, the RC for the Gary Wiley Mission from John Wiley (TC) 02/06/2012

    Speaking for myself and on behalf of the rest of my Family, I just wanted to say Thank You to the Patriot Guard for honoring my Brother Gary in New Braunfels on Wednesday Feb. 1st, 2012. He loved the Patriot Guard and what we stand for and I know he would be extremely proud to know you were there to honor him. Although he did actually sign up last summer, he wasn’t always physically able to do some of the things he wanted to, but you can bet that he was at every mission he knew about in spirit. His phone calls to me proved that. I love him and I’m going to miss him but I know for him the battle is finally over and may he now rest in peace.

    Once again Thank You to everyone who braved the fog and rain that morning to make this mission a success and to everyone who was there if only in spirit. It meant a lot to me and the Family. I do not know how many missions I have done as a Patriot Guard member, but this is the first time I have been on the receiving end of your love and kindness. I now know without a doubt that we do does make a difference.”

    God Bless you all for doing what you do.


    From SSG Jonathan Holland, Honor Guard NCOIC for SPC Jones 4/01/2012

    “My Uncle is a PGR in the DFW area, I myself was born and raised in Ft. Worth. I was the Honor Guard NCOIC for SPC Jones. I currently serve in 1-508 Parachute Infantry Regiment as a company rear detachment NCOIC (I'm not allowed to deploy due to injuries from my previous two deployments) and as the Brigade's Honor Guard NCOIC. I just wanted to personally express my extreme level of gratitude for what you Ladies and Gentlemen do for our fallen Brothers and Sisters. By helping us escort them to their final resting place. The level of comfort and security you provide to the families is extremely heart-warming to me, and 1,000,000 "thank you's" wouldn't be enough to express how grateful I am for what you do, and I don't think you get anywhere near the amount of gratitude that you deserve.

    Thank you, everyone, not only for the great turn-out of riders to help us in Jones' Final Honors, but also for your previous and continued service to our great country.”

    SSG Jonathan Holland


    An E-mail to John Wiley from Jay Holland, Sunday May 6th 2012

    I was googling about the funeral of SPC Jones in Marble Falls and came upon the Patriot Guard site. My son was the NCOIC of the Funeral Detail; SSG Jonathan Holland, I just wanted to say thank you for your response to him. He is a fine young man; and as a single mom I think I did a pretty good job of raising him. I know he truly wanted to go with his Battalion when they deployed again this past February. But, I also know that he is doing something else that he is proud of – and that is honoring his fellow troops to their final destination. And, thanks to you and the Patriot Guard – I know that they had a safe journey from the Airport to the Funeral. Thank you to you and all the riders for an awesome job.

    Take care and have a great day. And God Bless you and yours.”

    Jay Holland


    Email sent to Sam Warren regarding the welcome home for Lawrence Aitken on Oct 18th, 2012.

    “Dear Sam!
    It has taken a week to “feel” comfortable. The next day after he was home I called and he didn’t answer. I really didn’t need anything. My message was “I’m just calling because I can”!

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am in your role welcoming home Larry! When I first wrote my letter I noted “I know it is such short notice but I have to try”. I tried and wow I was so moved. Patriot Guard Riders are more than awesome. He was so moved at the airport, then the ride home and then… turning the corner made an impression he and I will never forget!

    I have heard a few stories from the family that were at the house when the PGR arrived. They met and then dispersed into the neighborhood to rally the neighbors.

    The day was one that lives in my heart and one that Lawrence (I call him Boo) will never forget.

    If you could think of any way that I could help another soldier experience such love and warmth please let me know. I do not have a motorcycle but I do have children and Grandchildren that will stand up, hold our flag and salute a soldier coming home.

    I have pictures that I would love to share. Do you have a website that I could post or can I send them to you?

    Thank-You does not come close. You guys are special!

    My Heartfelt Love To All Of You!”

    Quida M. Kammer
    Proud Mom of U.S. Army Warrant Officer Lawrence H. Aitken ll

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