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    From the Grimes and Wagner Families 7-9-10

    “To the Patriot Guard,
    Thank you so much for the amazing display, the flag line displayed at the Memorial Service for Bobby Newman on June 25th 2010.
    Your presence with the flags made the service an unforgettable event for all who attended.
    Words cannot express how much your presence meant to our families.
    Your expression of respect and sympathy will always be remembered.”

    The Grims and Wagner Familes


    From Karol Ann (McCrady) Hopkins 8/17/2010

    To the Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders
    ‘Riding with Respect’

    Robert Stancil, Deputy State Captain

    “On July 10th, 2010, the Patriot Guard riders accompanied our family and friends to the memorial service for my son, Cpl Garrett Clay Aragon.

    We were all so impressed by the turnout of riders and their obvious respect for our boy along with the respect for his service to God and country. Additionally, all riders wore helmets as was my request. I recognize the freedom of choice, however, I could not have borne anyone being head injured during my son’s last ride. Thank you for adhering to that request.

    The flag bearers at the funeral home were an awesome sight as well. To stand for that period of time in the heat shows the special, heartfelt commitment of each person in the ride that day.

    Our wish is to take each one of the riders hands to shake and thank you personally from the bottom of our hearts for your tribute to Garrett. However, that’s just not possible and I’m hoping this letter serves that purpose.

    A special thanks go to all the staff behind the staging of this event. Additionally, I would like to thank Sam Warren for his kind words during our conversation prior to the event, his hand in coordination of the ride, and for his personal contact with my father, Major Jesse Lee McCrady, Garrett’s grandfather.

    All of the riders have our sincere appreciation for honoring our men and women in this special way. It’s a calling and all of you have heeded that call.

    We wish you all safe rides as you continue on this journey for those who have served our country honorably.

    Garrett along with the Hopkins, Brown, McCrady and Aragon families are the recipients of your kindness, sacrifice, commitment and we thank you very much.”

    Karol Ann (McCrady) Hopkins
    Mother of Garrett Aragon


    From Alan H. Allgower, the father of Cpl Richard A. Allgower, USMC

    “On behalf of the Allgower family our sincere appreciation for escorting Corporal Richard Allgower. The participation of the Patriot Guard was the finishing touch to an already beautiful funeral. I always told Richard "there are still good Americans out there". The Patriot Guard fits the description of "good Americans". Your motto "standing for those who stood for us"”

    God Bless the United States of America


    From Roger E Contreras 11/03/2010

    “Yesterday, November 2, our family bid our last goodbye to our Dad who has passed away.
    We were met at the church by the PGR, standing tall with their flags waving: What a beautiful site.
    The procession from the church to Fort Sam National Cemetery was lead by the PGR.
    I know that my Dad, who was a Purple Heart recipient and had earned four Bronze Star Medals, In the Korean War would have been very proud seeing that there are still those that still honor & respect Our flag and those that served.

    We cannot bestow the THANKS deserved by the PGR for honoring our or family with their presences.

    Our thanks to every Patriot Guard Rider that showed up and to all the members for Keeping the honor and respect deserved of our flag and those who stood for it.”

    Thank You
    Roger E Contreras
    Vietnam Veteran


    Thank you note received from the 1-112 FRG 12-13-10


    While I was out on the lawn yesterday watching you roll in, a man I had never seen before walked up behind me. Somehow I knew he was a little different. He was an older rather thin gentleman dressed smartly in pressed jeans, boots, a western hat and a cigarette in his hand. I acknowledged him and then went on to ask him if he was there to welcome home his Trooper. He said no, I just came to see what it's like to have a homecoming. He quietly stated he spent two years in the jungles in Viet Nam but no one welcomed him home. I told him this homecoming was for him too. I never saw him again.

    You never know how far reaching your presence can be. The roar of those engines, your larger than life presence in the Armory with all that leather, colorful badges, and bandanas…You are truly heroes that bring heroes home like no one else can.

    On behalf of Alpha Troop families, please accept our thanks and God's blessings to you and yours always.”

    Lila Beard
    Family Readiness
    A Trp, 1-112 CAV


    From SSG William A. Polly TXARNG 12-12-10

    “Steve, Robert, Lou and All Patriot Guard Riders

    I want to thank you on behalf of the Soldiers and family's of A trp 1-112
    Cav. Your presence that day showed how much this country appreciates our soldiers and families for the sacrifices they made. Not only are we proud of our returning soldiers, we are proud of people like you. When the Patriot Guard was escorting our guys in. I saw the look of pride in everyone's faces, soldiers, families and friends. The Patriot Guard made A troops homecoming second to none. ”

    SSG Polly, William A
    A trp 1-112 CAV

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