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    From the Zimmerman Family 02/20/09

    “Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the PGR members that were at the Zimmerman portrait presentation on December 5th, and to let you know how much it meant to us to see all of you there. I know the family of Spc. Meyer will appreciate that same support on Tuesday, February 24. I cannot be at the presentation, but know that I will be riding with the PGR on this mission in my heart.”

    Faith Zimmerman


    From the Joshua Ward Family 2/25/09

    “I am Patti Ward, mom to Joshua Ward and I am trying to find the words to tell the Patriot Guards what they did for me Saturday, February 21st. Thank you is just not enough. The respect is overwhelming, the thought that so many people put their day beside to ride and stand for my son. You all made that day just a little bit easier for me and for that I just can't thank you enough. I would have liked to come to each and every one of you and shaken your hand and said thank you and that is what i should have done. Again thank you so much for showing how much you care.”

    So very Sincerely,
    Patti Ward


    From the Wentreck Family 3/5/09

    “Dear and Wonderful Patriots Guard Riders, I am sorry writing this note has taken me so long but something about finishing this final task seemed, well – so final ,that I put it off until my conscience got the best of me. My sister and I and our families will never forget your support and the great honor you paid our Dad at his last call to duty up yonder. We are so thankful Charla at Gabriels knew about you and got in touch with you. We know our Dad would have both thrilled and proud to have such an esteemed escort as you and the other riders. Since the funeral, I have had occasion to share pictures of Dad's service including those I have attached with several friends. One friend, a former Marine with service in Viet Nam, was so impressed when he heard about your dedication, he promptly joined the Corpus Christi, Texas area group. He said he may not be able to mount a Harley but he can still stand at attention pretty darn good. You have inspired all of us to be better Patriots and Americans – and ever mindful of the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.”

    With sincere Gratitude,
    Vickie and Dan Overpeck and family Debbie and Buddy Stewart and family


    From the Ellison Family 5/10/09

    “Patriot Guard Rider Larry Sprouse is a good friend of Mr. Ellison's son Barry. Larry received a letter from Barry that contained a request that it be shared with the Patriot Guard Riders.

    Larry. Please pass this on to your group. We can't thank you enough for your service to my dad and all veterans. It was an honor to have you and an honor for my dad to see the beautiful service that you provided. I can't pay that back except to keep honoring vets in any way that I can. I too, go out of my way to honor these great Americans. They are all heros to me. Thanks to all the good men and women of the patriot guard for all that you do. I received so many wonderful comments from the participants and visitors to my dad's funeral. They said it was beautiful and wonderfully carried out. We got some great stills and video of the ceremony. I'm proud to know you all.”

    God bless America!!!
    Barry Ellison and family.


    From the Joe Duncum Family 6/14/09

    “I hope that you can pass on my gratitude to the members of the patriot guard who escorted me and my family, as well as standing out in the Central Texas heat during my husbands memorial at Camp Mabry on 5 June 09. My husband dedicated his life to the Guard, he spent nearly 42 years in service of his State and Nation. CW4 Joe Duncum, will always be remembered as a very humble and dedicated soldier, and he would have been very proud of your soldiers in their appearance and professionalism. He was very proud in your mission, and I know he spoke to Sam Warren about it many times. Please again forward my thanks and appreciation to your soldiers for me.

    As he would say…."Carry On"”
    – Linda Duncum (Alpine, Tx)


    From the Joshua Farris Family and Friends 08/04/09

    “Your display of honor and respect for my son, Joshua R. Farris, comforted and inspired his family and friends more than you may know. I will be forever grateful for your kindness. May God bless you all.”

    Marla Farris Calhoun

    “I would like to thank all of the PGR’s who attended my brothers funeral. It really meant a lot to my family and I, and I do mean that with all my heart. I actually live in Dripping Springs and know the community is extremely supportive but I was even taken back when I saw the support they gave our family for our loss.
    For everyone who prayed for us and showed your respect I am thankful.”

    With all my heart I thank ya’ll
    Brittany Calhoun

    “To all the members of the Patriot Guard I want to say “Thank You” for all you do and the way you show honor and respect to the fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for those of us here at home.

    Last Saturday so many of you came out for Army Spc. Joshua Farris and I know it is by the invitation of the family, but the magnitude of your presence in such a solemn time overwhelms our hearts with pride of our country and patriotism.

    Spc Farris gave his life to protect us from those who seek to destroy us and you honored him in such a way that few can. Please convey my appreciation to all the members of the Patriot Guard.”

    Joe Meadows
    General Manager
    All Faiths Funeral Services


    From a friend of Jeffery Nubbe 8/21/09

    “Just a little info about Jeff. He worked at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach, CA. He was a Procurement Specialist and worked for me for many years. Jeff was tough (from his submarine days), fair and respected by all. Thanks to all that cared for him in the Lone Star State. I have excellent memories of Jeff and will remember him in my prayers.”

    Bob Mc Inerney
    Pismo Beach, CA


    From the family of SFC Ronald W. Sawyer 09/13/09

    “Please relay to your members our deepest gratitude for their presence on Saturday at the funeral of SFC Ronald Sawyer. It means a lot us that people care, and would take the time to come out and show the quiet respect for a fallen soldier. I know the preacher said Ron wouldn't have liked all of the fuss, but he was wrong. I was in the car with Ron's dad and brother on the way to the cemetery and we all commented on how cool he would have thought it all was. We were bursting with pride for Ron, especially at the display of respect put on by the people of Florence and all the citizens along the way who stopped and saluted. Words can't express the depths of our sorrow about losing Ron, but I can tell you that the Patriot Guard Riders of Central Texas made the day more bearable. Please keep doing what you do. NO soldier should be just a 5 second blip on the news about the latest casualty count in Iraq or Afghanistan. Your riders make people pay attention when they drive by, and hopefully the observers will take a minute think about and appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women in our military.
    Thank you again, and God bless you all.”


    From the Bennie Mills Jr. Family 09/15/09

    “One behalf of my family, please thank the members of the PGR who attended and served as the honor guard for my father’s graveside service. From the formation of flags to the presentation of the flag, the entire service was more than we ever could have expected. Being a former commander and having attended too many of these type of events, I can tell you the PGR brought a personal and professional touch to my father’s service that could not be duplicated anywhere, including Arlington. As we said goodbye to our father, my family and I felt surrounded by an extended family who understood and shared the meaning of honor, service, integrity and family.”

    Once again, thank-you.
    Dee Mills and family


    From the Darryn Andrews Family 09/16/09
    From: gandrews
    To: Lou Freitas
    Sent: 9/13/2009 7:24:33 P.M. Central Daylight Time
    Subj: 2LT Darryn D. Andrews – KIA Afghanistan – September 4, 2009


    I am not sure if any of the Patriot Honor Guard attended my cousin's funeral in Cameron on Saturday, September 12th, but wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to any who may have, and to the organization in general.

    I understand that most of the guys came out of Killeen, but some may have come from elsewhere, including Montgomery. These guys stood in the rain for hours, and I was touched by their unflinching devotion to honor our fallen heroes, especially my Cousin Darryn. He left behind a two year son, Daylan, and a pregnant wife, Julie, who is expecting their daughter in December.

    You guys are also my heroes, and I just wanted to let you know.

    God Bless you, and God Bless the USA.”

    Guy D. Andrews


    From a friend of 2LT Darryn Andrews 09/17/09

    “Thank you so much for the time your group gave to come to College Station and Cameron this weekend. Darryn was a wonderful man who gave his life for our Country. People like you that volunteer their time to help make this sad occasion more dignified and meaningful are a special type of person also. Many of the kids that were waiting at the high school were very impressed with your escort. The video of the escort is breathtaking. The only sound we hear is the motorcycles – it was amazing. At the end of the funeral as we heard the motorcycles start up again it was very moving to know that Darryn would be in good hands in his final journey home.”

    God Bless you and your group

    Teri Adcox
    Friend of the Andrews Family
    Cameron, TX


    From a friend of 2LT Darryn Andrews 09/19/09

    “Hi Mr. James,
    I was very good friends with Darryn Andrews. I am not certain which of these guys showed up, but THANK YOU so so so very much. I honestly didn't know what you guys did until this funeral- I know sad, huh? Anyhow- I now know and absolutely LOVE you guys. When I saw you I almost started crying there knowing that you have fought for my freedom as well. May God bless every single one of you.

    I was just in awe of all of you- standing in the rain, at attention. I noticed though, when anyone walked by you gave a simple nod. It was such a humbling moment for me. I know, for a fact, that Darryn would love to do that for another fallen soldier- he would have been out there in the rain with you. Heck- it could have been a lightning storm and he would have been there. Let me just say to you- thank you. Thank you for what you did while you were in the service and thank you for what you do today. You are such an inspiration to me and make me so proud to be an American. If there is anything I can do for you guys, please let me know. I would be honored.”



    From a Pallbearer at CPL Sevier’s service 9/28/09

    “I was one of the military pallbearer's at CPL Jay Sevier's funeral on Saturday in Yoakum,TX. It was a very touching funeral and and all his family and friends were very appreciative of your services for Jay and his family. You guys do great work and perform a wonderful service for Veterans.”

    Thank you,
    SPC Michael Mastin


    From a friends of Deputy David Black 10/07 and 08/09

    “My name is Philip Gero. I am a police officer with the Pflugerville, TX Police Department. I was a friend of Deputy David Blake of the Burnet County Sheriff's Office. I want to personally thank the Patriot Guard Riders for attending his funeral and showing their support of a fallen brother. Many times it feels like nobody cares about what we do and the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made. Your support has helped in this troubling time and shows that there are Americans that still care. Please pass on this message to any of your members that attended. Thank you.”

    Lou Freitas wrote:
    Please sent this out to all involved, and thank you again.
    The PGR touched the Family and a lot of other people on this mission, especially Deputy David Blake's fellow Law Enforcement Family.

    "Bagger Lou"
    Lou Freitas
    Patriot Guard Riders
    Texas State Captain

    The PGR was honored that David's Family asked us to be there in their need of support for this Hero that protected our Country in the Military and the home front in Law Enforcement.

    Thank you for caring,

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