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    *Updated 04 November*

    Riders, we have lost another Central Texas Marine to the fight in Afghanistan, and the PGR has been honored by an invitation from his family to attend his services.

    Airport Recovery Portion

    Date: Wednesday, 04 November 2009

    Austin Staging Location: Empty lot at General Aviation Blvd and Firehouse Rd., Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)
    Directions: Traveling south on Hwy 183, continue 2.7 mi past the signs for Hwy 71 East/ABIA to Burleson Road. Turn left onto Burleson Road, travel east 1.3 miles to General Aviation Drive and turn left (north). Continue 1.5 mi. to open paved lot on right side of General Aviation Blvd. This lot is north of Signature Aviation and Atlantic Flight Support.

    1045-1120 hrs staging (10:45-11:20 am)
    1120 briefing.
    1201 hrs scheduled arrival of Kalitta charter bearing LCpl Stanley

    WX: High of 78 and sunny. Sunscreen recommended.

    Notes: Arrive fed, fueled and hydrated. There will be no stops on the 24 mile ride to the funeral home in Lockhart, Texas. Bring water for you and one other. It is not known at this time the exact location of the flight arrival, but our staging area is within 2 mins of the 3 possibilities, so semper gumby.

    Ride Captain: Andy "Andyman" Lough, 512-441-9297,
    Final Itinerary – Funeral Service

    Date/Time: Friday, 06 November 2009. Services scheduled to start at 10:00 am

    Location: First Baptist Church, 300 Hudgins St., Smithville, TX. We will stage in the parking lot across the street from the Church.
    Map link:

    Austin Staging location: SW cornor of Hwy 71 & FM 973, gas & convienent store near ABIA.

    0715–0740 Austin staging
    0740 safety briefing
    0750 KSU for Smithville, approx. 35 miles
    0850 arrive at Smithville staging location.
    0910 briefing
    0915 flag line in place.

    Wx: Clear, Lo 54, high 78. Please bring your own drinking water.

    Please arrive fed, fueled, and hydrated. At the conclusion of the funeral service we will join the procession to the Clarks Chapel Cemetery at the intersection of FM 713 and Old McMahan Rd near Lockhart (approx. 35 miles) where we will establish a flag line for the interment service.

    Ride Captain: Keith Longacre,, home phone 512-251-8955, cell 512-751-8955
    Assist RC Sam Warren
    Flag Wrangler: Mark Brittain

    Please remember that our Mission is to honor this fallen Marine and pay respects to his family for his sacrifice on our behalf.


    Here is a link to the Fox news report regarding LCpl Stanley's sacrifice.


    Here is story that was on KVUE.


    Standing by to honor this hero…
    May God bless this familly.


    Sam Warren recieved this e-mail from a friend of LCpl Stanley, we wanted to share it with you, it is also be posted in the Letters of Appreciation.
    Again, Thanks for all you do.

    Sent: 10/30/2009 7:37:01 P.M. Central Daylight Time
    Subj: Lcpl Stanley

    Dear sir,

    I know you dont know me, but i would like to personally thank you for your support to the millitary men and women, if it wasnt people like you out there we couldnt fight for our freedom,i knew Lcpl Cody Stanley,my mother and father taught him in school,we both came in the marine corps just bout the same time,he came in about a week ahead of me,and was a good hearted kid,but most of all i just wanted to thank you for everything.

    Cpl Dickerson
    aka Zane Dickerson


    We will be read to pay respect to this Hero
    God bless his Family and all our solders


    were always here


    we love and respect


    and yaw protect.we all cry when one has fallen and believe me when i say this bunch of guys and gals will always be and your friend are always in our hearts and much as every one that stands for their guys are true american heros,and dont ever forget that.


    A lot of you know me (even though I'm listed as a 'new member'), but I need to know what are the staging arrangements for the funeral on Friday, so I know whether or not to take off the entire day or just part of it (end of six weeks on Friday and it takes a lot of planning to be off). LCPL Stanley was a student where I teach who I have previously met. He was very well liked and thought of by all of us here at Smithville.

    FYI (in case you don't have the information already), here is an e-mail we received (the school staff) from the minister handling the memorial services in Smithville. Use it as you see fit:

    The visitation at the funeral home is scheduled for Thursday, 4 pm to 8 pm at McCurdys in Lockhart.

    The memorial service has been set for Friday at 10 am at the First Baptist Church in Smithville.After the service, we will proceed to the cemetery outside of Lockhart. We'd like everyone to come to the First Lockhart Baptist Church after the graveside service and have a meal with us.

    They went to the First Lockhart National Bank and set up an account in Cody's name to benefit the Wounded Warrior organization.

    The obituary will run in the Lockhart, Bastrop, Smithville, and Austin papers on Wednesday.


    Muddy Duck, how the hell are you? And Mama Duck? Please give her my regards! Good to see/ hear/ read from you my old friend.

    A notice will be soon coming, but the funeral in Smithville's set for 1000 hrs. on Friday.

    For all Riders attending the ABIA portion tomorrow (4 Nov), the city of Lockhart is coming out in force to show their respects. The procession will participate in a small "parade" (FH's word, not mine) around the town square before parking at the McCurdy Funeral Home. Expect a lot of red, white and blue- and a lot of tears.

    See y'all in the morning.


    god be with yaw tomorrow,i will be there friday.


    We will be there in the morning and hopefuly friday also. I look forward to meeting you all, for all that you do for our solders of today, yesterday and always. Thank You and God bless


    Will be there in the am….Semper Fi

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