Kennie H. Harris, 90, US Army, WWII veteran, Red Rock, TX, 12 MAR 2010

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    Final Itinerary

    Mr. Kennie Harris passed away today at the age of 90. Mr. Harris served in the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army during WWII. His son, Joe Petty, is a PGR rider and has invited the PGR to participate in his father's interment services.

    Date/Time: Friday, 12 March 2010. Graveside service scheduled for 2:00 pm.

    Location: Bateman Cemetery, corner of FM 20 and FM 86 near Red Rock, TX (approx. half-way between Lockhart and Bastrop). This will be a graveside service only.

    Staging: 12:00pm to 12:30pm at Cindy's Gone Hog Wild parking lot, located at 5496 Hwy 71 E, Del Valle, Tx 78617. They have good food if you need to eat prior to the mission.

    Directions: On Hwy 71 E at the toll road SH130, go east on Hwy 71 for about 5.8 miles. Cindy's is on the right, by the big sign of a dog with his ears up in the air.

    Briefing: 12:30pm

    KSU: 12:40pm

    Wx:Forecast sunny with a lo in the morning of 47, and a hi of 72.

    Notes: Arrive fueled, hydrated, andfedfor the 25 mile ride to the cemetery. A flag line will be established for the graveside service.
    Recommend the use of sun block and bring one bottle of water.
    Gas, snacks, drinks and restrooms are available within 2 miles of the cemetery.

    Ride Captain: Sam Warren, 512-217-4191
    Flag Wrangler: J.C. "Mr. Flag" Clausen

    Joe tells us his father requested only a simple graveside service, with some American flags present. Please stand by for mission details as we fulfill his humble request.


    A big thanks to all who attended the mission today. With 22 riders and 2 cages, we had folks there from Austin, New Braunfels, Seguin area, Lockhart, Killeen, and the Red Rock area. Our new rider today was Chuck, who just moved here from Alabama and rode for the PGR there.
    Special thanks to J.C. for wrangling the flags, keith for walking the flag line with me, and Hunter and Sioux for cleaning up the scraps at Cindy's.
    The family was very appreciative of our presence and your willingness to stand the line for the entire service.
    Hope everyone made it home ok, and God Bless.


    Sincerest thanks and appreciation to those who attended Dad's services on Friday.
    It ment a lot to the family and I am sure "Paw" appreciated it.
    He bought my first motorcycle and rode most of my street bikes and really liked the latest one as it reminded him of the one he had back in the day.
    When I told him I was doing PGR rides, his interest perked up and after each ride I attented, my first stop when home was to check in with him and give him all the details.

    Again, a big Thank You! to those who attented and to those who thought of him during our time of sorrow.

    Joe Petty

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