Joel J. Thompson III, 69, USMC & Austin PD veteran, Pflugerville, TX, 11 MAY 2017

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    Confirmed Mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the funeral and burial services for Mr. Joel Thompson. Mr. Thompson served 2 years in the USMC, leaving the service with the rank of Sergeant. He then served as a Waco police officer for four years and followed that with 25 years in the Austin PD, retiring as a detective Sergeant.

    Additional information about Mr. Thompson's life can be found here:

    This mission will be a flag line at the funeral home followed by an LEO escorted procession to CTSVC in Killeen for the 1 pm burial service.

    Date/Time: Thursday, 11 May 2017. Funeral Service begins at 10 am.

    Location: Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home, 14501 North IH-35, Pflugerville, TX 78660. We will stage at the funeral home.
    Map link:

    8:50 am – 9:20 am Staging
    9:20 am – Briefing
    9:30 am – Flag line

    Wx: Hi 77 deg, 50% chance of rain

    Notes: Arrive fed, fully fueled, and hydrated. Bring a bottle of water for yourself and one for a friend. After the start of the funeral service we will strike the flag line and stand by to join the law enforcement escorted procession to the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen for a 1 pm interment service. Upon arrival we will fall under the direction of the Centex PGR ride captain.

    Ride Captain: Keith Longacre,, (512) 751-8955
    Flag Wrangler: Don Ferguson

    Please make plans to honor Mr. Thompson's service to our community and nation.


    We had 11 bikes & 2 cages at the FH, w 12 patriots standing a flag line for this Marine/retired APD officer. When service started, the flag line retreated to Don's flag truck & we stood down for the 2 hour wait for departure to CTSVC. The family & FD wanted us up front of the Coach w 2 flag bikes in front of the family car just behind the Coach as we usually are. This is our normal position anyway as it not only allows the family to see the flags flying but is also the safest place for us to be. Just before KSU ( kick stands up), I was ordered to have all the riders fall in at the back of the procession. I informed the FD & she told the disappointed family. So like a patch on our vest states, Semper Gumby (always flexible), we fell in at the rear as ordered. I advised all riders they could stand down if they chose to as this is a very unsafe position for us. None did. There were 26 motor officers, 3 FH cars, 10 vehicles, 11 PGR & 2 APD cages in the procession.

    Unfortunately, our fears were realized & PGR rider Nicki Campbell went down during one of the many accordion actions of the procession. Nicki was transported to the Killeen Clear Creek hospital. Husband Robert (Soup) & Warren Longacre (Froggy) went to be with her while Charles, Hank & Stan stayed behind w her bike to wait for a wrecker. They than came to the hospital. Marebear, Centex Deputy State Captain, also came by. What a super bunch of members we have.

    As an invited patriotic honoring unit, the Austin PGR sincerely apologizes for not being able to show the honor & respect to Joel & his family that he & they deserve. Know that our prayers & thoughts are with you all.

    Updates on Nickie's condition will be posted here when I know more. Thank all of U for the true patriots U are.


    Update on Nicki. I have heard from Charles, Soup & Nicki her self.

    She does have some soreness in her shoulder and they put stitches in her right arm at her elbow as well as her left elbow and they have put her in a walking cast on her right leg and gave her crutches. They can't find any signs of a concussion and she's in good spirits.

    Charles stayed with Soup & Nicki all day long and refused to leave till soup did, so he could make sure he got home ok. Then Charles rode w Soup back to his house & got home himself around 12:30 AM. Nickie didn't get home till around 1am. Soup emailed me expressing how impressed with and thankful for the tremendous support from their new PGR friends.

    Soup took Nicki to Orthopedic surgeon for eval. on her ankle & shoulder the nx day. As long as she don’t get any infections he thinks she will be good as new in a month or so. They are waiting for ct scan results on her foot/ankle, hoping no surgery will be required. Will find out by end of next week. Quote from Soup "I know we been get’n prayers from our fellow PGR buds and I can say with a fair amount of optimism that they have been answered. Thanks to all. Soup"

    Charles, Thank U so much for everything you have done in this event. I, the Austin PGR members & for sure the Campbell's really really appreciate it.



    “This message goes to all my bothers and sisters of the Austin Patriot Guard Riders. Hi, this is Nicki Campbell, the rider who went down on our Thursday mission for Mr. Thompson. I sincerely apologize to the Thompson family for our riders not making it to complete our mission at the cemetery because of my accident.

    First, let me convey what an honor it is to ride with Austin PGR. I have felt your prayers for my recovery and appreciate all the offered assistance to both my husband, Soup, and I. You all showed up at the hospital, helped with the police report, assisted with getting my bike towed, and showed support that is unparalleled.

    I especially would like to thank Charles, who stayed with us at the hospital until after 8PM so that he could make sure Soup made it home safely. Both Charles and Keith have kept communication about my progress going, so that I did not have to. Hank and Sam stayed at the scene and coordinated with the tow service and brought stuff off the bike that could have been easily pilfered and even offered to haul my bike back to Spicewood. Then they both showed up at the hospital. Warren led Soup to the hospital using his GPS and visited me for awhile. This is the guy with the beautiful new trike that I hit!!!! Marebear, the Deputy State Captain, Centex region also came to the hospital with offers of support above and beyond. I am sure there others who helped that I am not aware of. Thank you to all.

    Please know that Soup and I feel blessed to be a part of such a great group of people. We hope to complete many more missions with you and look forward to doing our part in Austin PGR.

    Nicki Campbell"


    All, Today we got good news from Nicki’s Orthopedic Surgeon. No surgery required, at least for the near term. Follow-up next week. R rash is healing well. Knees still swollen a little but healing. Not much worse than before the crash as she was having treatments trying to avoid replacement. Ankle is the big problem. Very sore. Dr. said she could put weight on it to the extent she could stand the pain without worrying about damaging it further. Her spirits are up considerably today. Mine too!!! Thanks again for being there for us. If anyone is cruising Spicewood, feel free to stop in, she would love to see you.
    Marebear, could you please pass this along to Hank and Sam, I don’t have their emails.

    Soup & Nicki 317 Kendall DR. Ph: 512-925-2104

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