Daniel J. Koch, 60, USMC Vietnam Veteran, Johnson City, TX, 21 Aug 2010

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    Final Itinerary:

    The family of Mr. Daniel Koch has invited the PGR to participate in his funeral and interment services. Mr. Koch proudly served his country as a private with the U.S. Marine Corps (Company B, 1st Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Div. EMF) in Vietnam and received the Purple Heart.

    Date/Time: Saturday, 21 August. Service scheduled for 2:00 pm.

    Location: Crofts Funeral Home, 305 E. Elm St., Johnson City, TX, with interment to follow at nearby Sandy Cemetery. For those going directly to the funeral home, here is a map link: http://tinyurl.com/CroftsFHJohnsonCity

    Austin Staging Location:
    Jim's Restaurant, 7101 Hwy 71 W., Austin, TX 78735, located at the "Y" in Oak Hill, intersection of Hwy 290 and Hwy 71 in southwest Austin. Map link: tinyurl.com/JimsRestOakHill

    11:00 – 11:45 am staging
    11:45 briefing
    12 noon KSU for 38 mile ride to Johnson City

    Wx: clear, low 76, high 97. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the mission. Sunscreen advised. It will be a long, hot afternoon.

    Notes: Meet for lunch at Jim's if desired. Fuel nearby. Following the funeral service we will join the LEO escorted procession from the funeral home to the cemetery, approx. 12 miles, for the interment service.

    Ride Captain: Keith Longacre, keithlongacre@att.net, 512-751-8955
    Flag Wrangler: JC Clausen

    Please make plans to ride in honor of this veteran's service to our country.


    Mr. Daniel Koch obituary:



    What a great turn out. over a hundred degrees & still nearly 50 showed up. The In Country MC club, which Mr. Koch was a member, also was there. A flag line was extablished along 2 sides of the FH with USMC & US flags posted on steaks at the entrance. Mrs. Koch saw only these when she entered so after the flag line was in place, her family brought her back out to see. She was overwhelmed & kept repeated how Daniel would have loved all this.
    All rilders stood at attention & saluted as Mr. Koch was loaded into the herase than non flag bikes left for the cemetary. 10 big flag bikes served as an honor escort to the cemetay. When they entered the cemetary, many wow type comments were uttered by those already in attendance.
    Afterwards, the family stopped & thanked every single one of the PGR. They agained expressed how much our being there ment & how much Daniel would have loved it.
    U R a remarkable bunch of patriots & I am so very proud to serve with & amoung you. Thank you all for your honered respectfull service.


    Another great honor mission Keith – thank you. During the service Dan's family, and the pastor, strongly expressed their appreciation for the PGR standing for him and how much it meant to them, and him. ICVMC Brother Seadog is still receiving thank-yous from his family for the Patriot Guard Rider's support.
    IC Rocketman

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