Charles Vince Keplar, 74, US Navy Reserves veteran, Georgetown, TX, 7 JUL 2011

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    The family of Mr. Charles Vince Keplar has requested the participation of the PGR in his funeral and interment services. Mr. Keplar served in the US Naval Air Reserves, 1954-1966, and is the father of PGR member Chuck Keplar.

    Date/Time: Thursday, 7 July 2011. Funeral services scheduled for 10 am.

    Location: Georgetown Church of the Nazarene, 4051 East University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626. We will stage at the church.
    Directions: The church is located on the north side of Hwy 29, just east of Hwy 130. map link:

    8:45 – 9:15 am staging
    9:15 am briefing and flag line

    Wx: Sunny, low 72, high 100. Please bring your own drinking water and don't forget the sunscreen.

    Notes: Please arrive fed, fueled, and hydrated. Following the funeral we will participate in the interment service at Palm Valley Lutheran Cemetery, 2500 E. Palm Valley, Round Rock. There will be an LEO escorted procession to the cemetery, and should the route include toll roads, the tolls are the responsibility of the individual rider.

    Ride Captain: Mark Wells, 512-470-0380,
    Flag Wrangler: Mark Wells

    Please make plans to honor the service to our nation of the father of one of our own.


    Unless something comes up, I will be there.


    16 bikes and three cages today to honor the service of Mr. Keplar. It was getting pretty warm by the time we finished up, but not too warm to stick around for a few minutes at the cemetery for a group photo requested by the family.

    Rest in Peace, sir, and may God's comfort be upon those you leave behind.


    Forgot to mention that the family also requested the PGR present the folded flag to Mrs. Keplar, which was very well done by Keith and Terry. Thanks again to all who were there.


    Note from Chuck Keplar, Vince Keplar's son, to Andy Lough, 01 Sep 11

    There are truly no words to express my feelings for what the PGR did by attending my father's funeral (Charles Keplar, 7 July 2011).
    Having ridden missions as a member of the PGR, I have felt the Honor of being there to stand for the families.
    I will never forget the feelings I had on that day as my friends and I arrived at the church escorting my mother and saw the PGR standing tall and Proud. Not only was mom truly overwhelmed, but members of the church still talk about what a great thing y'all did for Pops that day. When mom went into the church, she stood at a window just watching the flags.
    The ride captain and all the others did an amazing job throught out the entire mission.
    I was finally able to attend another mission this past Saturday (27 August). Having now been on the other side of a mission, I have a different perspective, one of an even greater sense of Honor and Pride for what the PGR does. I saw several of the members who stood for Pops and was proud to be standing with them again. I spoke with one about pops and he asked me how mom was doing. The fact that he remembered her and her "kind eyes" brought a rush of emotions.
    On behalf of my Family and my Brothers and Sisters who rode with me for Pops that day I would like to thank each and everyone of you for what you do.
    I have attached a video tribute to my father that one of the ladies at the church put together, please feel free to share it.
    Chuck Keplar

    Here is a link to the video”

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