Birthday Salute, Hershel E. Fowler, WWII Vet, Burnet, TX, 08 Oct 09

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    We have something fun to do this Thursday in Burnet. Hershel Fowler is a WWII veteran who will turn 92 years young on that day. His son, JT Fowler, reports that Mr. Fowler is in declining health and about a year ago "had his next to last heart attack", as he put it.

    JT asked if the PGR could recognize his dad's service on his birthday, so we planned a way for us to say Happy Birthday and Thank You to Mr. Fowler.

    Date: Thursday, 08 October 2009

    Staging location: HEB parking lot on Hwy 29. It is located 5 blocks East of the Hwy 29\281 Intersection. GPS: 30deg 45' 32.3" N And 098deg 13' 25.4" W

    12:15 – 12:45 pm staging
    12:45 briefing
    12:55 KSU for 1:00 pm arrival at the residence

    Wx: This is Texas in early Fall. Be prepared for anything. As of Tuesday the forecast calls for high of 85 and low of 72 deg. with 30% chance of Rain. Actual weather will be announced at the briefing…:)

    Note: Please fly your big flags is so equipped. We will present a certificate and TX coin to Mr. Fowler.

    Ride Captain: John "TC" Wiley,, cell 325-423-2220

    We all know the heroes of WWII are rapidly departing the world they saved from tyranny and oppression so many years ago. This is a great opportunity to thank one of them in person.


    What a neat thing to do,
    God Bless you all, ride safe.
    I will not be able to make it, but I will be there in spirit.


    I'll be on an airplane (Southwest, of course!) about the time you guys are KSU, but will toast Mr. Fowler with my ice water and peanuts. Have fun.

    texas coyote

    This mission is Complete:

    Thanks to all who made the trip to Burnet today to honor Mr. Fowler on his 92nd Birthday. When Mr. Fowler's son JT first contacted the PGR about doing this mission, he said 2 or 3 bikes would be great. Well, we had 20 bikes and trikes, Mary & Hunter in her Jeep. We had two WWII vets riding with us and we were joined at Mr. Fowlers residence By a POW from the Korean War. I think Mr. Fowler was beside himself. His wife and son both told me that he hadn't ever talked that much about his time in the service.
    I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a very nice "change of pace".
    Thanks Again,


    TC, Thank you so much for letting us know how it went. I really wanted to go to this, but atleast now I know how well it turned out, I have been wondering all day!!
    Thanks to all of you, for what you do !!!
    Sounds to me like you guys really made Mr Fowler's Day.

    texas coyote

    It was great Frank. I really can't pinpoint my feelings but I do know that of all the Missions we do filled with Sorrow, this was a welcome relief….sort of a cleansing effect…for lack of a better term at this moment…But I'm sure you know what I mean…I'm sure ALL our members know what I mean…That's why we belong to the Patriot Guard.

    texas coyote

    I recieved this a few minutes ago from JT and wanted to share it with all involved…

    Apologies for not emailing sooner.

    I work as a computer nerd for the US DVA.

    My time starting the day after until today was taken up on an Obama Administration Iniative. As usual the boses, managers, and admin types take months to talk it up leaving the grunts to jump thru their backsides to get it done by deadline. As a Medic, I took care of the guys and gals, as Vet I still take care of the guys and gals. From that perspective it's a good job. But sometime it does make for severe constraints on my time.

    Dad talked longer about his war experiences that day with you folks than I've ever known him to.

    You folks gave him a gift whose value can not be measured.

    He thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated you folks coming by, being able to visit with you, and the honors you paid him.

    He has a progressive heart condition that has slowly been progressing for the past 10 years. 15 months ago, he had a bad spell and after looking at the X-ray movies of his heart and the real lack of diffusion of blood in the muscles, his cardiologist gave him 6 months. That was 15 months ago. It's gonna happen, we just don't know when.

    My mother, my wife, the Granddaughter, and I all thank the PGR for their time, effort, and money spent doing this.

    Again, many thanks,

    JT Fowler


    A Note from JT Fowler, had to share…

    3 to 4 years ago you folks dropped by my Dad's apt in Burnett and paid a tribute to a living WWII vet on I believe his 91st birthday. (that would be Oct 2007). It was the week of the funeral of the Burnett County Deputy that had been killed in a car wreck.

    My Daughter/Son-In-Law have moved to a country place NNE of Marble Falls and Mom/Dad moved with them.

    He's still alive, he has had two more fairly significant cardiac episodes. And his world extends to walking to the mailbox and back.

    We celebrated his 95th last Sunday (BD is 10/8) and he asked me if you folks were still around. He said if so, would I mind contacting them to let them know that he still appreciates the honor you paid him and to thank them again.

    So, if you would, please pass the thanks and appreciation forward.

    Rangers! Lead the way!”

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