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    Austin Confirmed "Welcome Home"
    PFC Caleb Compton

    The Austin PGR has been invited to participate in a welcome home for
    PFC Caleb Compton; who has finished his tour in Afghanistan and will be arriving home here in Austin from Fort Drum on August 20 at 7:00pm. He's a born and raised Austin boy who lives in Soldiers Creed.

    The Austin PGR will have a few ‘big flag’ bikes who have already
    been selected to meet at ABIA at 6:30 PM on 20, August. We will have
    a short briefing at 6:45. Once Caleb has arrived the flag bikes will
    accompany the family to their house at 7405 Running Water. All other PGR
    riders will need to arrive at the family home by 6:45. A flag line will be established to welcome Caleb home.

    Date: Wednesday, Aug. 20th 2014

    Briefing: 18:45

    Map: mapq.st/VDdG5V

    The family will have a celebration planned and we have been invited
    to stay for refreshments.

    Flag Wrangler: Bob Brinkley

    Ride Captain: Steve von Roeder
    Work: 512-972-7746
    Cell: 512-230-2080


    Riders, i have another big flag bike to arrive at the airport at 6:30 PM. so we are set to go.

    Thanks; Joe, Terry and Scott



    Thanks to the folks who came last night to welcome home this young hero. "Semper Gumby" The flight was delayed over an hour. The three big flag bikes accompanied the family from the airport and we stood our small flag line in the dark. I know that Caleb and his family are glad he is home; it was an honor to be a small part of his return.

    thank you!

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