Alton "Grizzlebear" Young, 59, PGR member, 04 Feb 2010, Cedar Park, TX

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    The family of PGR member Alton Young has requested the participation of the PGR in his funeral and interment. Alton lost his battle with cancer last Sunday.

    Date/Time: Thursday, 04 February 2010. Funeral service scheduled for 1000 hrs (10:00 am)

    Location: Beck Funeral Home, 1700 East Whitestone Boulevard (FM 1431), Cedar Park, TX. We will stage at the funeral home.

    Directions: The funeral home is located on the south side of 1431 approx. 3/4 mile east of the 183A toll road. Map link:

    0830-0900 staging (8:30 – 9:00 am)
    0900 briefing
    0915 flag line in place.

    Wx: Cloudy, morning low of 38, high 45, chance of rain 80%. Check the weather in the AM and bring appropriate gear for the conditions. Bring your own drinking water.

    Please arrive fed, fueled, and hydrated. Park bikes on the west side of the property. At the conclusion of the funeral service we will accompany the procession to Fitzhugh cemetery just west of Austin, approx. 38 miles, where we will establish a flag line for the interment service. Cemetery map link:

    Ride Captain: Juan "FILO" Gonzales, JCGonz13@yahoo,com, 512-466-8968
    Flag Wrangler: Bob Binkley


    It is with deep regret that I cannot make this mission.
    My heart, prayers, and every thought go out to the family.
    Alton will NEVER be forgotten, but will always be missed.
    God bless the family and all that can stand for him.


    rain is suppose to lift for thursday,hope to also see yaw at the wensday nite viewing


    Thanks to Juan for leading the mission. Great Job!! Thanks to Bob for wranglin the flags and doing the Wednesday recon. Thanks to everyone that stood for both missions on a crummy day all the way around….

    I know everyone was personally thanked by Vicki, family members, and friends of Alton. His brother in law wrote this to me today.

    "Caleb, Alton's son, told me is taking Alton's Patriot Guard vest with him to display everywhere he travels. His oil-field job takes him around the world. He shook hands with you guys after the funeral–big guy with short thin hair.

    Thanks again to you guys. Vicki is very grateful that you guys dedicated most of the day and stood in the rain for hours on Alton's behalf."


    I received this letter tonight from Alton's wife Vicki. It's intended for all to read.

    Moto T.


    I apologize for the delay in sending this note, but please express my personal appreciation and respect for those in the Patriot Guard who braved the weather to pay tribute to Alton. I was deeply touched to see your members standing at attention as I walked into the funeral home and again as we drove so many miles to gather at the cemetery. So many of my friends and family shared the same emotions as I experienced as we witnessed the respect your group shows to someone such as my husband.

    Alton felt a tremendous pride when he was able to join your group on a ride. I only wish he could have joined your membership sooner in life. Thank you for allowing him the privilege of serving as a fellow Patriot Guard Rider. The PGR was one of the highlights of his life.

    Thank you again, and may God bless you all and keep you safe as you continue to ride.

    Vicki Young


    This was posted on the Centex site, I am sure most of you have already seen it. But just in case you haven't, I just had to share it.
    Alton will long be remembered by alot of us, this is from another person that just shows how special he was.
    Miss ya Alton,
    Here is the post:

    I attended Grizzlebear's funeral in early February as a family friend, not as a PGR Rider. (I'm now living in New Mexico.)
    You probably remember what a horrible day it was – rain, cold.
    Alton introduced me to the PGR and we rode from Austin on quite a few missions together. Whenever I rode on a mission and he was unable to, he always asked me for all the details as soon as we got together.
    I believe that there were tears in his eyes when he saw the fantastic PGR participation that came to honor him at his funeral. I know there were tears in mine.
    Thank you so much to each of you who rode/drove that day. It was a wonderful moment.
    I will miss Alton for the rest of my life. But when I remember him, it will be in conjunction with the PGR and our rides together.
    WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP!!! Thank you one and all.

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