Airport Recovery Update, PO2 John Henry Hoagland III, 20, US Navy Active Duty, Austin, TX, 12 SEP 20

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    Revised Itinerary

    Confirmed mission: The family of PO2 John Henry Hoagland III has requested the participation of the Patriot Guard Riders in his return to Texas. PO2 Hoagland was aboard the USS John McCain when it collided with a tanker near Singapore on August 21. He is one of 10 sailors to lose their lives in the incident.

    A local news report can be read here:

    Additional information about PO2 Hoagland's life can be read here:

    This is the airport recovery portion of this mission. The funeral portion is in Harker Heights on Thursday, 14 September 2017. Centex PGR will handle that portion.

    Date/Time: Tuesday, 12 September 2017. Flight arrival at Austin Bergstrom Intl Airport (ABIA) via American Airlines scheduled for 6:33 pm.

    Staging Location: Airline Freight facility, 3400 Spirit of Texas Drive, ABIA

    Directions: From TX 71, take the ABIA CARGO exit and turn south onto Spirit of Texas Dr. Stay on that road all the way to the end. The facility parking lot will be the last one on the right before the gate.
    Map link:

    5:00 – 5:35 pm Staging
    5:35 pm Briefing
    Recovery ceremony per ABIA operations.

    Wx: Hi 91 deg, clear skies

    Notes: Start hydrating the day before and bring TWO bottles of water for yourself and one for a friend. Sunscreen recommended. Arrive at the staging fully fueled and fed.

    1) PO2 Hoaglund is being flown to Austin via a Delta Airlines commercial flight so be prepared for possible itinerary revisions.
    2) There is a lot of construction activity at the airport. It is unlikely the PGR will go plane-side, but if so no four wheelers are allowed beyond the gate.
    3) There are no public restrooms at the staging area. Plan accordingly.
    4) We will join an LEO escorted procession to Heritage Funeral Home in Harker Heights, an approx 80 mile ride with no intermediate stops. Route is determined by LEO and will include toll roads. All toll charges are the responsibility of the individual rider.
    5) Fly your big flags! Bike-mounted flags must be able to withstand highway speeds.
    6) Do not attempt to join into the procession in route. It is unsafe and detracts from our mission.
    7) If you do not plan to ride in the procession from beginning to end, do not participate in this mission.
    8) The family desires no media on this day. Be respectful, no photos.

    Ride Captain: Russ Miller,, (512) 636-9692
    Flag Wrangler: N/A

    Please watch the website and email for possible updates to the timing of this mission and attend to show our gratitude for this sailor's service and support his family.

    The Ghost

    30 +/- bikes showed up at ABIA for PO2 Hoagland's recovery mission. Airport operations allowed all the bikes on the tarmac for the arrival of the plane. The plane was about 15 minutes late. Once the plane arrived, the PGR lined up next to the plane to render honors as the casket was deplaned and loaded into the hearse. Shortly thereafter, the procession, led by DPS Troopers led the way to Harker Heights where the Centex PGR had established a flag line. The troopers did an excellent job controlling traffic and stayed at the funeral home until the flag line was taken down; it was a pleasure working with them. The family thanked the PGR for it's involvement. Special thanks to Keith Longacre for his valuable assistance.


    Outstanding. Good work, Russ. So glad the good folks at ABIA Ops are still allowing PGR on the field. No way that happens at SAT.

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