Airport Recovery, Ssgt. Michael Stratten,Active Duty, USAF , Austin, TX, 25 OCT 2011

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    Short Notice
    Confirmed Austin Mission
    Ssgt. Micheal Stratten

    The family of Ssgt. Michael Stratten has requested the participation of the PGR in his Airport recovery and Procession to Killeen.

    Date/Time: Tuesday,25 October 2011. Arrival is scheduled for 2:15

    Location: Austin Bergstrom Airport

    Directions: From Hwy 71 take Cargo Dr.,go to stop sign turn right, proceed to USPS parking lot on right.

    Timeline:1:00 – 1:30 pm staging
    1:30 pm briefing

    Wx: Sunny, low 63, high 85 deg. Please remember to bring drinking water.

    Notes: We will go out on the tarmac for his arrival, then proceed to Killeen. We may be using the tollway so be aware of tolls. Please arrive Fueled and fed.

    Ride Captain: Sam Warren 217-4191


    Austin Air Ops has just advised me that due to construction on the ramp area, congestion in that area, and the gate assigned to the incoming flight, we will need to stage in a completely different place.

    NEW STAGING AREA LOCATION: Click this link

    Coming from Hwy 183 along side the airport, turn east on Burleson Rd and go to Emma Browning Blvd (used to be General Aviation Blvd). There is a flashing yellow light there. Turn left on Emma Browning and drive past the usual staging areas we have at Signature, Atlantic and Browning aviation. Continue all the way down heading toward the airport tower and firestation. When you see the fire station in front of you, Firehouse Rd is to your left and there is a street sign. Turn left on Fire House Rd and you will see us there down near the end of the road.

    Coming from Hwy 71 take FM 973 south to Burleson Rd (signal light), turn right on Burleson Rd and go to the flashing yellow light at Emma Browning Blvd. From there, follow the instructions above.

    I will try to have a rider on Emma Browning Rd at the turn to Fire House Rd to indicate the turn.
    All times remain the same.



    A big thanks to everyone who came to the airport to accompany SSgt. Stratten and his family to Killeen. This was a very short notice mission with a change of staging within 2 and 1/2 hrs of the scheduled show time. Semper Gumby worked good today for those who always check the thread/email before leaving home.
    We had about 25 bikes and one cage, with 10 motor units from APD and TCSO clearing our path to Georgetown, and WCSO and Killeen PD assisting further up the route.
    Special thanks to Dick Ward and Keith Alexander for assisting in getting all riders in the right spot.
    It is a privilege to ride with you all.



    Way to show Senior Gumby who's boss, Sam. Thanx for a fine honor mission.


    Nice to meet everyone today. I appreciate the welcome from the group. This was my first time riding with PGR, and I was moved by the whole experience. Looking forwarded to assisting with future missions.

    Jeff Wagner


    Sorry I missed this, didn't know it was happening until it was happening- I was in Fort Davis at the time. Y'all were where I wear out my work shoes, I wish I'd have been involved.

    I hope those so and so's at Southwest treated everyone well. If not, I WANT NAMES!

    Y'all are amazing. Proud to be with you, even when only in spirit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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