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Very Short Notice Welcome Home – Monday, 31 August 2009

SGT Justin Gwinn of the Texas National Guard is returning home this evening after a long deployment in Iraq. His mother Donna has asked if the Patriot Guard Riders could help welcome him home and is very excited to have us participate.

SGT Gwinn will be flying into ABIA from an intermediate stop at Ft Bliss via Southwest Airlines flight 3832, scheduled to arrive at 1900 hrs (7 pm) this evening.

The plan is to form a flag line outside the terminal so when he exits with his friends and family we will be there to show how much we appreciate his service. There will be no procession from the airport, we are finished once our soldier departs.

Date: Monday, 31 August (TODAY)

1830 – 1850 (6:30 – 6:55 pm) staging
1900 (7 pm) flag line in place

Motorcycle Parking: We have permission from airport authorities to park curbside lower level for a one hour period only, starting at 6:30 pm. Do not arrive early, you will be told to keep moving. Location is at the far east end of the lower level, curbside, just past the passenger pickup area. There is a large pillar labeled with the number 6 at this spot.

Cage parking: Cages are certainly welcome but recommend you park in the short term parking garage instead as we have permission curbside for motorcycles only.

Ride Captains: Steve Von Roeder, Andy Lough, 512-441-9297
Flag Wrangler: Mark Wells