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“scooterjr wrote:
Hey Honda_Silver, I know you were planning on going all the way to the start of this mission then riding several other legs (not just ours). Just curious, how much were you able to do?
I know it had to be a VERY hard day…”

I hear the rain all night, I woke up early and the rain was even heavier. I showered, dressed and then looked that the weather radar. According to the radar TX-36 was about to be hit with heavier rain. I was going to travel I-35 to Temple and then take TX-36. I have not driven TX-36 before … I would have been alright traveling by night, but I was very concerned with flooding and road drainage.

So I meet the bus at the second stage at the Salado rest area til the Pilot Gas station in New Braufels.

My waterproof gloves were soaked … my boots/socks were wet all the way through … the bottom of my jeans (under my rain pants) leached water to below my knee. I decided it was safest to return home after only one stage. I even ran into heavier rain on the way home.

I would still do it again!! Just with my Timberland boots and more water-repellant spray B)