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This is notification of an intent to attend the Fort Hood Welcome Home ceremony for 4th ID on Sunday, 15 March 2009 by CenTex PGR. The time of the plane's arrival has been changed to 1530 hours (as of 1300 hours on 03/14/2009), but as always, is subject to further change. Staging will be at the Copperas Cove WalMart parking lot near the gasoline kiosk on Highway 190. Walmart is located on the eastern edge of Copperas Cove.

Staging has been changed to begin at 1315 hours with KSU enroute to the Fort Hood Clark Road staging site at 1415 hours. Prior to KSU, there will be a mission/safety briefing and PPE inspection. The times are all subject to change.

PGR will meet all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements of Fort Hood with one exception; when riding as a part of a PGR mission, we do not have to possess a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Card and must enter Fort Hood enmass (as a single group).

Required PPE follows:

DOT approved helmet
Eye protection – This can be the helmet faceshield if present or some form of eyewear.
Long pants
Boots – Must cover the ankle. Cannot be a high-tops tennis shoe in canvas.
Gloves – Must fully cover the entire hand, to include fingers
High visibility outer wear – This can be as simple as a brightly colored long-sleeved t-shirt during the day when weather permits. During hours of darkness or reduced visibility, it means a reflective vest but undergarment still must be long-sleeved. When wearing a dark long-sleeved jacket a reflective vest is required unless the jacket has reflective material as part of its design. Or, a brightly colored shirt can be worn over the jacket during daylight hours.

If you wish to support this request, please get your PPE together. Anyone not in PPE will be turned away at the staging site. If you will not attend or do not wish to attend, please refrain from replying to this email. We need to plan for those who can attend, not those who cannot…