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Austin Staging for Sgt. Quinten Barnett, USA, airport recovery portion

Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2009, flight arrival time 1449 hrs.

PGR will stage at the US Postal Facility at Austin airport (ABIA.)

Directions: From TX 71, take the ABIA CARGO exit and turn south onto Spirit of Texas Dr. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Freight Lane. Stay left at the fork and continue to USPS facility parking lot, which is on the right at the dead end.


1400-1415 hrs staging
1420 hrs safety briefing.
1449 hrs scheduled arrival.

PGR will accompany Sgt. Barnett and family to Cook Walden Funeral Home in Pflugerville. Anticipated departure time from ABIA 1515 hrs. The route is unknown at this time and will be determined by law enforcement officer escort. IF the route takes us onto toll roads, each rider will be responsible for toll charges incurred.

Weather forecast as of 17 May: Sunny, high of 87. Dress accordingly. Sun screen highly recommended.

Notes: Come fed, fueled and hydrated. There will be no stops between ABIA and Pflugerville, approx. 25 mi. Bring water for you and one other. Planeside recovery is at this time undetermined. As always, Semper Gumby.

Ride Captain:
Andy "Andyman" Lough
512-441-9297 (cell)

Please contact me with any questions/concerns.

Thank you for all that you do,