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This was Posted on Centex by Mark,

Folks, would like to share this note received today from Taryn Davis, the founder of the American Widow Project. Once again we hear from the families that the time and effort we give to missions is well spent.

Well all of us widows came to the same consensus about y'all! Driving onto the highway left me with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. The last time we had been on that road, with the PGR leading, was in the opposite direction on our way to the funeral home. For so many of us, I think that all of you helped in transforming memories of the last time we were in your presence, and for that reason, we are forever grateful.

The piece should air in about 2 weeks and I should have the exact date by next week. I will make sure and let you know ASAP. I thank you again Mark, for setting this up on such short notice and being there on one of the best moments I've had since Michael's passing.

Warmest Regards,
Taryn Davis
The American Widow Project
A 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization
Proud Military Widow of Cpl. Michael Davis

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." – Jean Paul Satre

Mark Wells