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texas coyote

Both Portions of this Mission are now complete. At the Airport Recovery yesterday (June 7th) the count was 44 Bikes and Trikes with many of those being "Double Up". Semper Gumby was a key player since the plane was about 5 minutes early and the last of the Flag Line was just getting in place as Kallita touched down. The City of Burnet was out in full force. Hwy 281 was completely shut down for the procession from the Airport to the Funeral Home with citizens lining both sides of the route from start to finish.
At the Funeral today we had 38 Bikes and Trikes and a couple of cages. Many of Anthony's friends and citizens from around the community were there today and many were visibly emotional over his death. This young Soldier was only 19 years old, but he had obviously matured well beyond that. Here is a partial quote from his Funeral Program pamphlet. " He never met anyone who didn't need a hug from him, and there was nothing better than an Anthony hug. He not only loved his Country, he loved Texas with a passion. He was a remarkable soldier, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. He will be missed by many."

I want to Thank everyone who attended one or both parts of this mission and those there in spirit. I also want to Thank everyone who helped me accomplish both parts of this mission. You may not feel like what you did was all that important, but it was to me and it helped make it all turn out well.
And Thanks again for doing what you do,