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Gary Mayers

On a Blistering 96 degree day 7 Austin Patriot Guard riders set out to honor the life of Chief George (Mitch) Mitchell. The 17th of June would have been George’s 90th birthday but he unexpectedly passed on April 4th. Today is a celebration of his life. We had a short ride from the Manchaca Baptist Church to the VFW.

As we arrived we unfurled our flags and two members of the Austin retired chief’s society volunteered to join the flag line. We moved the flag line inside the hall due to the heat. At 2:00PM the San Antonio Air force color guard stood tall outside the building. One soldier entered carrying the casket flag and another followed walking through our flag line to the stage. With doors open they did a 21 gun salute followed by the playing of Taps. The two soldiers proceeded to unfold the flag and refold it to present to Mitch’s sister and two nieces. I have never seen a flag folding like this one, so professional so meticulous.

Following the folding of the flag and passing off to the Sister the two soldiers departed and we followed. That ended the military portion of the celebration. There were several guest speakers that told of Mitch’s military service as well as his dedication to family. He was a very generous man and donated a lot of money to help build homes for wounded veterans.

I thanked all the riders for attending and wished them a safe trip home in the heat. A thanks to Max as always taking care of the flags and making sure there is water for the riders. What a celebration with about 125 in attendance. There was live music and refreshments and plenty of dancing.

Rest in Peace Chief George Mitchell from a brother chief
You will be missed by all.

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