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COMPLETED MISSION: Five riders stood the flag line for Mr. Yanchak today. Mr. Yanchak’s son, Nathan, rode with us in the escort from the funeral home to the cemetery. There was no service at the funeral home, so there was not a lot of people in the procession. Just immediate family that consisted of 3 trucks. The cemetery was a beautiful setting and there was a large number of people there for the service at the cemetery. Nicki arrived there early and had flags posted at the entrance to the cemetery, the entrance to the burial site which had big rocks restricting vehicle traffic and the burial site which was about 75′ past the rocks. I previewed the site for Nicki on my way to Burnet. I had stopped in the middle of the cemetery and was looking for the burial site when a truck pulled up beside me. The driver rolled the window down and said, “Hi, I’m June Yanchak”. She then got out of the truck and I was able to extend my condolences receive a great thank you hug from her. She was tearfully grateful that we were going to be there. It was a unique and meaningful experience for both of us.

The funeral was short and consisted of religious and military honors. Mrs. Yanchak walked the short flag line again thanking every one for being there.

The funeral home Director, Mr. Jenkins was very helpful and the Burnet PD did a great job escorting us out of the Burnet city limits.

It was good to see Tommy Goldenshoe who was back from a pretty long bike trip. Jimmie came the furthest. Thanks to Nicki for the good job placing the flags and having them ready when the flag line participants arrived. David, Jimmie and Tommy all help pick up the posted flags and stakes. Nicki really appreciates that. Thanks to all for coming and for helping.

RIP Dennis A. Yanchak, United States Marine.

Soup Campbell, Ride Captain.