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The Visitation and Interment for Sgt. Sewell is now complete. One count I recieved was 30 bikes and trikes plus 3 cages. We started the Mission with 2 first time riders and had 2 more join us before leaving the Funeral Home. Riders came from every direction of the State with one joining us from Del Rio. The weather was getting hot even early on, but with plenty of water and with a 15 minute rotation on the Flag line it worked out well.
The Funeral Home was overwhelmed with Family and Friends of Sgt. Sewell. It was obvious that he was well liked and admired by many. Two of the young soldiers there were in the vehicle with him when they encountered the IED.
Once again the Hamilton community showed their love and respect for a young Soldier they never knew. I have driven through Hamilton many times traveling North or South on US Highway 281, but I will never pass through it again with out thinking of Sgt. Sewell and the great folks of Hamilton.
Upon arrival at the Cemetery we were under the direction of Harry"hacksaw" Morton who did a great job of having everything ready to go and planned out. It all went without a hitch.
Thank you to everyone who attended either or both portions of the Missions for Sgt. Sewell. To everyone who was there in Spirit and anyone who helped in anyway whatsoever. Without you it wouldn't happen. Your dedication to our Veterans, our Troops and our Missions is beyond words.
Thank You all.