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texas coyote

The Airport Recovery for Sgt. Glenn Sewell is now complete. Thank you to all who attended this part of the Mission for Sgt. Sewell. We had an "Unofficial" count of 39 bikes and trikes plus 4 cages with several riding 2 up. We had first time riders, Active duty military riders, and riders from a major portion of this Great State of ours. I spoke with the Mother and the Father. Both expressed their deepest gratitude for our attendance and for what we are doing for our Fallen Heroes. They both wanted me to make sure that everyone there knew that.
And what can I say about the residence of Hamilton. They went all out, as somehow I felt like they would. After we were finished at the Funeral Home and I was giving sort of a "debriefing" and Thanking all for being there, one Lady who lives in Hamilton came up to us with tears in her eyes. She started off by saying "on behalf of the people of Hamilton I want to Thank you for being there today and for doing what we are doing." She went on to say that although Sgt. Sewell was not from Hamilton and most of the people there did not know him, that didn't matter. He fought and died for the folks from Hamilton and every one else in this country. She thanked us again then walked away. God Bless these small towns through out America. They know what patriotism and respect all about.
I hope to see many of you there tomorrow if you can make it. I feel like the people from Hamilton will be out in full force again and Sgt. Sewell deserves nothing less.
Thanks everyone,