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    EXTREMELY SHORT NOTICE: Confirmed Mission:
    The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited by the family to participate in the welcome home arrival of U.S. Army Warrant Officer Lawrence H. Aitken.
    Mr. Aitken is returning home after he served our country in Afghanistan.

    Date/Time: Thursday Oct 18th, 2012 3:00pm

    Location: Intersection of FM 1431 and Blockhouse Dr, Cedar Park, Tx

    Directions:On FM 1431 going east from US 183, or going west from the toll road, go to the intersection of FM 1431 and Blockhouse Dr and turn south on Blockhouse Dr. Then turn right into the first entrance on the right to the parking lot of Comerica Bank (it’s next door to IHOP). On the link above, you can switch between Satellite and Map versions to see an actual pic of the location.
    We will stage in that parking lot.

    2:45pm – 3:15pm Staging
    3:15pm – Safety/Mission Briefing
    Flag Line at the Ride Captain’s discretion

    WX: Sunny, Lo – 58 Hi – 80, (KVUE Wx)

    Notes: Arrive hydrated and bring a bottle of water for yourself and one for a friend. Sunblock is recommended.

    Ride Captain: Dick Ward, reward2000@earthlink.net 512-585-3610

    Flag Wrangler: Bob Binkley

    Please make plans to welcome home this man who served our country in the fight against terriorism.


    UPDATE: Correction for Street Name
    The staging is shown as FM 1431 and Blockhouse Rd. The street sign for Blockhouse Rd may Say "Discovery Blvd" instead, depending on which map you are looking at. Follow the turn directions and look for the bank building and Ihop.


    It was great to be a part of the mission today. Some of his neighbors got involved in the flag line with us. I throughly enjoyed the beginning of new friendships with some of you cool characters this afternoon. Thank you to the leaders of the PGR for keeping it happening.
    Best regards,


    Thanks to all who made the welcome home today. You heard what Larry had to say about what he felt when he turned that corner and saw your welcome mat out for him. His Mom and wife were very appreciative that you took the time to thank a total stranger for his sacrifices.
    Thanks to Bob for handling our flags for us, Dick Ward for organizing a great setup and getting the neighbors involved, and our big flag bikes for handling the windy ride from the airport.
    We had about 18 bikes and a big group of neighbors.

    Once again, you have made people smile and be thankful!



    Received this letter from Larry's mom regarding his welcome home.

    Dear Sam!
    It has taken a week to “feel” comfortable. The next day after he was home I called and he didn’t answer. I really didn’t need anything. My message was “I’m just calling because I can”!

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am in your role welcoming home Larry! When I first wrote my letter I noted “I know it is such short notice but I have to try”. I tried and wow I was so moved. Patriot Guard Riders are more than awesome. He was so moved at the airport, then the ride home and then… turning the corner made an impression he and I will never forget!

    I have heard a few stories from the family that were at the house when the PGR arrived. They met and then dispersed into the neighborhood to rally the neighbors.

    The day was one that lives in my heart and one that Lawrence (I call him Boo) will never forget.

    If you could think of any way that I could help another soldier experience such love and warmth please let me know. I do not have a motorcycle but I do have children and Grandchildren that will stand up, hold our flag and salute a soldier coming home.

    I have pictures that I would love to share. Do you have a website that I could post or can I send them to you?

    Thank-You does not come close. You guys are special!

    My Heartfelt Love To All Of You!

    Quida M. Kammer
    Proud Mom of U.S. Army Warrant Officer Lawrence H. Aitken ll

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