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    Robert Snokhous, 48, West Volunteer Firefighter West, TX
    Doug Snokhous, 50, West Volunteer Firefighter, West, TX

    The family of Robert and Doug Snokhous has requested the presence and participation of the Patriot Guard Riders at the Funeral Service and Interment of their Loved One.

    Their obituaries can be found at http://www.aderholdfuneralhome.com once they have posted them.

    Date: Monday, 29 Apr 13

    Belton Staging Time: 0830

    Belton Staging Location: McDonalds, 1601 East 6th Avenue, Belton, TX 76513 tinyurl.com/ye6fybc

    Belton Briefing: 0845

    Belton KSU: 0900

    West Staging Location: St Mary's Catholic Church


    BE ON TIME, READY TO ROLL – Law Enforcement will not allow you into St Mary's unless you are with one of the following two groups:

    Riders coming from the North

    Hillsboro Staging Time: 0930

    Hillsboro Staging Location: Parking Lot next to the Holiday Inn in Hillsboro (Exit 368A) Look for bikes

    Hillsboro Briefing: At the discretion of the North Texas Ride Captain.

    Hillsboro KSU: At the discretion of the North Texas Ride Captain.

    Riders coming from the South

    Waco Staging Time: 0930 Be there ON TIME and ready to roll!

    Waco Staging Location: Flying J Travel Plaza, 2409 South New Road, Waco, TX 76711 tinyurl.com/23q9h9e

    Waco Briefing: When we hit Waco, there will be no briefing. We will stop, pick up riders and leave.

    Waco KSU: At the discretion of the Central Texas Ride Captain.
    Note: Our arrival time in West has not changed, so we will leave the Belton Staging area immediately after the briefing.

    Flagline Establishment: 1025 +/- Once the Funeral Service begins; we will strike the flagline and prepare to participate in the procession.

    WX: Mostly sunny, with a high near 82.


    1. Be at stagings ON TIME and topped off.

    2. Hydrate well prior, bring water for yourself and a buddy and dress with consideration of the weather conditions.

    3. Bring Kickstand Pad, just in case.

    Please join us in honoring this First Responder for his ultimate sacrifice to the citizens of the communities, Texas.

    Ride Captain: Ron “PACMan” Decker, Sr CenTex RC; 254.526.8265, 254.383.6281; krdecker@embarqmail.com

    Assistant Ride Captain: Ron “Joker” Smith, CenTex ADSC; 254.415.8204; ron.smith4950@hot.rr.com

    Flag Wrangler: CJ "CeeJ" Foy; 254.317.8226; foy@foyco.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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