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I'll say it again, the flag line is a beautiful thing. Since the towers were hit, and uniforms came out, whenever I see soldiers, if I'm not interupting, I thank them for their service. When I learned of the PGR I was in awe. It's so important to honor our fallen heros, and let their loved ones know, their loss is not in vain. Lance Cpl. Brandon T. Lara is a hero. I've spent hours, over the past few months, watching all the bikes "riding with respect" in processions. Pretty powerful stuff. I bet it feels as good to y'all, as it does to those lining the streets as you roar by, flags waving. We are all showing support for our troops. Being in a cage, I met y'all at the grave site. Seeing so many bikes roll in, on such a mission, made my heart race, and swell with pride. It really is a honor to be there to stand with you. I met some great folks today, as I did in Johnson City, and Nashville. Thank you for being so welcoming. And, a big thank you to the guys that are going to let me ride shotgun in processions. I'm gonna take you up on it! I'll loose the skirt, pull on boots and jeans, and I'm ready to straddle. I have your cards tucked away. Don't be surprised when that phone rings. Being in a cage gets me there, hell, I'd walk if I had to. Ya know, six months ago, if I'd seen all that steel and leather at a bbq stand, I'd have pulled into Dairy Queen across the street! haha (half way kiddin') We are of like minds. We are there out of respect. I still say thank you, when I pass a soldier in the supermarket, but to be able to show the love, the way you do, means the world to me. Thank you all so much. Oh, and, Shannon, you were great today. Thanks for looking out for me. My hearts all there, but I'm still learning the ropes.