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Great job today PGR. An extra attaboy to Gerry for stepping up and doing triple (wrangling, ice water & standing tall) duty. Hey, back in this old Pirate's day returning military from Vietnam could purchase for ONE dollar a special booklet that contained admission and ten tickets that could be used on ANY rides. You old dogs remember that? I bought mine and I got three guys in my squadron that were getting discharged upon arrival to CONUS to buy a booklet and sell it to me for the buck. My brother and sister were coming to visit for a week and we were going to DISNEYLAND!!! I was at NAS Miramar/San Diego. The booklet clearly said "Welcome Home to returning Vietnam ServiceMEN (sorry girls). I was a little worried they wouldn't let my "civilians" in with the booklet but they DID!!! Me, Barbara, brother and sister got in Disneyland and rode all the big ticket rides for FOUR bucks!!!! It was fun! We had a Goofy time!