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Confirmed San Antonio Mission

The Patriot Guard has been invited by the Mendoza family to stand with them during a memorial park dedication ceremony on Saturday (Mar 26) at 10:30am. The park to be dedicated is for all our troops, but will be named after Sgt. Matthew Mendoza (USMC/KIA), who we stood for back in June, 2008. Since then, Mr. Mendoza has stood with the PGR on several missions and has become one of our brothers, and would like the PGR to be there with his family to be a part of this special day.

This is a unique request in that we will not have a flag line, mostly due to the length of the ceremony, since there will be representatives from all branches speaking. As we will not have a flag line, we will be there in support of not only the Mendoza family and the community, but the other Blue & Gold Star families, and military that will be present. Mr. Mendoza told me that he feels that our presence alone sends a strong message to the families, the communities and the military that they are not alone. If available, please try to attend and help honor the memory of some of our local Fallen Heroes and our current troops that are in harms way, and to stand behind a family that has stood with us since the time that we stood for them. Thank you.

Date: Saturday Mar 26th 2011
Staging: Parking – 10:00am
Sgt. Matthew Mendoza Park
5206 Hillje St. (corner of Hillje and Betty Jean)
San Antonio, Tx

Partly Cloudy
Low 67* / High 93*
Please try to hydrate the night before

Ride Captain: Paula Johnson