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Corporal Curtis Rutledge, US Marine Corps, Viet Nam Veteran

The family of Corporal Curtis Rutledge has requested the presence of the Patriot Guard Riders at the Interment/Scattering of the ashes of their Loved One on Friday, 25 Mar 11 at 1000 at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Curt was wounded in Viet Nam and is a Purple Heart recipient.

Date: Friday, 25 Mar 11

Staging Location: The intersection across from the Columbarium at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, located on Hwy 195 just south of Killeen, TX.

Staging Time: 0905

Briefing: 0910

Flagline Establishment: 0930 or earlier, dependent on the family's arrival from Georgetown, TX.

WX: No forecast available at the time.

Notes: Arrive hydrated, bring water for yourself and a buddy and dress with consideration of the weather conditions.

Let us join together to honor this Wounded Fallen Warrior who gave so selflessly to our Great Nation.

Ride Captain: David "MarineMajor" Dunn; 512.818.2531;

Flag Wrangler: Ron “PACMan” Decker; 254.526.8265, 254.383.6281;