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Thank you note received from the 1-112 FRG:


While I was out on the lawn yesterday watching you roll in, a man I had never seen before walked up behind me. Somehow I knew he was a little different. He was an older rather thin gentleman dressed smartly in pressed jeans, boots, a western hat and a cigarette in his hand. I acknowledged him and then went on to ask him if he was there to welcome home his Trooper. He said no, I just came to see what it's like to have a homecoming. He quietly stated he spent two years in the jungles in Viet Nam but no one welcomed him home. I told him this homecoming was for him too. I never saw him again.

You never know how far reaching your presence can be. The roar of those engines, your larger than life presence in the Armory with all that leather, colorful badges, and bandanas…You are truly heroes that bring heroes home like no one else can.

On behalf of Alpha Troop families, please accept our thanks and God's blessings to you and yours always.

Lila Beard
Family Readiness
A Trp, 1-112 CAV”